2200 Dead While Waiting for Disability Decisions

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The Social Security Disability system is designed so that all citizens pay into it, and all citizens can receive benefits if they suffer from an illness or a disability, which stops them from being able to work.

The results of a recent study show shocking results, however. The results of this study shows that thousands who apply for these benefits actually die before they ever get hearing or receive a decision on their application. As a result of this, we are seeing a huge rise in lawsuits being conducted over neglect for these deaths. In South Carolina, if you think you have a right to make a claim make sure you click this link for a disability lawyer in Spartanburg.”

Every single paycheck we receive, money is automatically held back to pay for social security. That means that all of us have a right to receive help when we fall ill or become disabled.

We pay for this right, we do not question that this money is taken automatically, so how is it fair that some of our most vulnerable citizens are dying waiting to find out if they can receive these benefits.

As it stands, if you have to stop working due to becoming disabled or sick or any other medical reason, you have to apply for disability payments through the social security system.

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If your first claim is miraculously approved, you then receive a payment. But over 90% of first claims are denied, meaning you have to apply again if this is rejected a second time you have to apply for a hearing, which is the final chance.

These are the results for how long it takes after applying to receive your hearing date.


Lex Reception
  • 2019 – 516 days
  • 2018 – 680 days
  • 2017 – 684 days
  • 2016 – 568 days


  • 2019 – 443 days
  • 2018 – 531 days
  • 2017 – 657 days
  • 2016 – 690 days

That means that most people unable to work due to disability, have to wait more than a year to be seen, often closer to two years.

Since these records started, 2200 people have died while waiting for their hearing date or for an answer afterward.

According to the SSA, they are having to deal with a high number of requests due to the economic recession and baby boomers. They say the government has not allocated enough resources to keep up with the growing number of claimants.

Now, to reduce the backlog and make the stats look more healthy, the SSA is transferring cases between different counties and bureaus.

To reduce the backlog in Charleston, the SSA says it has transferred 700 cases from Charleston to other offices.

They received nearly 300 million dollars to spend on reducing this waiting time, and instead of investing in infrastructure and employees, they are spending it sending cases from one office to another.

The result of this spending is a drop from 900,000 to 675,000, which is a great first step.

However, we wonder how much value this statistic actually has, are number really dropping? Or are peoples cases just being sent from office to office strategically to lower the numbers on paper? Only time will tell.

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