5 of the Most Common Personal Injury Claims

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The law industry is constantly changing, and as a claimant it’s not always easy to know if you have a potential personal injury case. Finding the confirmation that you’re looking for isn’t always easy but knowing where you stand can help you take the next steps in your legal journey, and the steps that are right for you.

Personal injury claims are made when a person has been injured either by negligence or by an intentional act of another person. There are many different kinds of scenarios that can lead to a potential claim and here we’ll look at some of the more common ones. Remember, an injury doesn’t always mean a case in your favour – if you’re unsure it’s still always best to speak to a law professional, check out this injury lawyer in Toronto if you need more information.

Car Accidents

Probably the most common form of personal injury cases. A car accident is usually the result of one of the person’s involved, not adhering to the rules of the road, or not driving with due care and attention. If you’re the person at fault in this scenario then you’ll most likely be held accountable for the financial and personal injury implications of this situation.

Slips and Falls

This kind of personal injury claim usually lie with people who own property or the department that has the responsibility of keeping people safe on their property. If you are responsible for a building then it’s your legal duty to ensure that it is safe and that any potential hazards are either removed or sign posted accordingly. Again, a slip and fall doesn’t automatically mean that you have a personal injury claim, it depends on certain circumstances so seek legal advice for further confirmation.

Medical Malpractice

We all expect a certain standard of care when we receive treatment from a health care professional. If these standards are not met, and the patient is injured as a result then there could be a potential claim. These claims aren’t as black and white as they sound, so speak to a legal representative for more information.

Libel and Slander

Also known as defamation. This kind of personal injury claim refers to damage, and injury caused to a persons reputation. If you’re a business or a business owner for example, then a reputation that is being deliberately sabotaged can result in a potential financial loss. You would need to prove that an untrue statement was made and that it had had a negative impact or placed harm on your life/business.

Dog Bites

Laws vary from state to state; however you’ll find in most cases that any injury inflicted to a person by a dog is often the responsibility and the fault of the owner. In some cases, the owner will be financially responsible for any injury caused by the dog, even if the animal has never shown aggression in the past. In some states there is a “one bite rule” where the animal is given the benefit of the doubt, and the owners are only libel for injuries if the dog has bitten before.

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