5 Practical Marketing Hacks for Attorneys

marketing hacks

Lawyers, especially those who are just embarking on their practice, may benefit from a few simple marketing hacks to help them win over more clients. As more attorneys employ aggressive marketing strategies to build their list of clients, the pickings become slimmer for those who have yet to make any efforts market their own brand of practice. Rather than just wait and hope for clients to start beating a path to your office door, you can jumpstart your practice with a few simple marketing hacks.

Here are 5 practical marketing hacks for attorneys to give their practice a boost.

1. Overhaul Your Website

If case you still don’t have a website, create one. In this day and age where anyone can look you up with a few taps and swipes, your website becomes your ally in your efforts to make your brand more visible. To get started, look at websites that already have either great or simple designs such as Vancouver ICBC Lawyer and emulate them.

While there may still be a few clients who will walk through your door, a good number of your potential clients will likely look you up on your website first. This means that you need to pay special attention to it by designing your website in a manner that will encourage your visitors to stay longer and browse some more.

You’re probably thinking of using your website to flaunt your skills, experience and success rate. Although these can help, you’ll need to have more content that will pique the interest of your website visitors. For instance, you can have regular articles that discuss the major legal concerns of your target clientele. The will not only make them linger on your website, they may even find your articles worthy enough to share on their social media pages. The shares will be free advertisements for you.

You website should look professional and should have content that is indicative of your field of practice such as personal injury law or family law. It will help immensely if the design is clean, easy to navigate and mobile device friendly. Update your content regularly with feature articles that are timely and are worth reading. Make sure that your contact details on your website are up to date, as well.

2. Be Active on Social Media

Being active on social media gives you an opportunity to increase awareness of your brand. Joining discussions and groups that are related to and relevant to your particular field law practice will expand your network of contacts. Posting on social media sites likewise gives you free links back to your website. This will spur more relevant traffic and potential clients your webpage.

3. Look Into Search Engine Optimization

In the off-chance that you haven’t heard about search engine optimization or SEO yet, the term refers to techniques used by webmasters to make sure that your website ranks well. SEO aims to make your website appear on the first few pages of Google searches that are relevant to your field of practice. For instance, if you are based in Fresno and someone types in “personal injury attorney in Fresno” on Google, your website should come up on the first few results pages with good SEO. While SEO does come at a cost, it is definitely worth the investment. In today’s era, you can find plenty of local seo information with just a few clicks.

4. Consider Targeted Advertisements

Another cost-effective marketing hack is through paid social networking website advertisements. If you haven’t looked into it yet, you may be surprised at how affordable targeted social media advertisements are. Choose a plan that best suits your budget and make sure to advertise primarily to potential clients in your area and your client demographic.

5. Be More Visible

You can make a good name for yourself by appearing in local community events, especially in those where you can get a chance to rub elbows with potential clients, give advice and even speak to an audience. While it may appear tacky, grab the chance to out contact cards and offer free initial consultations in your office.

For new lawyers who are just starting out, you may want to give away a few pro bono legal work. There is no better form of marketing than those that come from happy clients whom you have done favors for.

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