5 Reasons to Use Content Marketing

content marketing
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Content marketing, especially with the dramatic influence of online searches, has never been more critical to building clientele. Content can of course come in a variety of forms: blogs, personal/business posts or even sharing an article you find interesting. However, without question, the most powerful content is that from a third-party.

That’s right. Just as the incontrovertible truth is that word of mouth is the most powerful grassroots marketing campaign, having a seemingly unbiased third party sing your praises can be equally strong.

Not yet convinced about the unique potential of content marketing? Here are five proven results that should make you change your mind.

1. Builds Trust

We’ve said it before and will say it again: People don’t pick attorneys, they pick people. It’s just human nature to want to deal with someone you feel you know, like and maybe even have things in common with. The more people know about you-the person behind the attorney-the stronger the connection. Being able to relate to someone, even a virtual stranger, gives us a sense of familiarity and that leads to trust.

2. Builds Your Brand

Even if you are fortunate enough to have the budget for the production and airing of TV or radio commercials, you are still only reaching a portion of the people and most of them have been bombarded so long with an avalanche of advertising that they are probably tuned out. At any rate, in the brief 30 to 60 seconds of any paid ad there is just not enough time to do anything but hit the highlights and put your name out there.

With third-party, content marketing, you have thousands of words describing you, your struggles, your strengths and ultimately why you would be the perfect choice when it’s time for an attorney. There is space to offer a multi-level portrait of you not only as a legal professional, but also an honest-to-goodness real live person.

Added bonus: the next time they see an advertisement for your practice they will pay attention because they now feel like they know you!

3. Builds Your SEO

If you are not concerned about the traffic on your website, you should be. This is no longer a future eventuality, it’s the way at least 80 percent of the public chooses where and how they spend their time and money. When you repost your Attorney at Law article on your website, you’ll immediately see an increase in your SEO. In the internet world-content is king.

4. Builds Brand Authority

As consumers we are accustomed to reading about celebrities, politicians and those whose notoriety has led them down a dark path. In other words, just the fact that a “profile” has been written about you, immediately gives you a certain eminence. You must be the top in your field otherwise why would they write an article about you?

This translates into imbuing you (no doubt rightfully) with the mantle of being an expert in your field. We all want to hire the very best, and having your story told in a nationally recognized publication automatically puts you at that level.

5. Builds Leads for Your Practice

This one is so big, maybe it should be listed as number one. But it should be so obvious. People read about you, about your practice, your accomplishments and then they read about the “real” you when you’re off the clock. They relate, they like, they remember. When it comes time to choose an attorney who do you think they’ll call? Some name randomly picked from the internet or the attorney they now feel they know?

Beyond this, because your article is on the internet, even those who never saw your article will plug in a few choice search words and guess what? YOUR article will pop up because they typed in DUI, Personal Injury or Criminal attorney. Those words used in the article will make it prime fodder for a Google search.

It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

We are experts in not only interviewing, writing, designing and promoting superior content marketing, we have the satisfied attorneys across the country to prove it.

When you’re ready to take the next step in your marketing efforts, give us a call!

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