5 Reasons Why You Should Always Get Car Insurance from a Legal Perspective

Types of Monetary Damages in a Car Accident Settlement

There are many different coverage packages available for car insurance today. There are almost that many reasons to have it, but what is the best reason? That’s kind of a loaded question since insurance can cover a multitude of issues.

Car insurance is essential to have, especially when it comes to covering a loss. It is always hard to tell what coverage might be since it can change per accident. When it comes to a legal perspective, however, there are several things to consider. Hiring a Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer is probably one of them. This article will cover more.

The Privilege to Drive

Being able to drive a motor vehicle is not a right, it’s a privilege granted by the state. One of the responsibilities of having that privilege is that every driver must be covered by that state’s minimum liability and property damage coverage. It’s that easy. Without insurance coverage, a person cannot legally drive in a state. Anyone who gets into an accident without liability coverage can face huge penalties, including bills for the damages they caused.

It is also essential to know that, in many states, if a driver who is involved in a traffic accident is without insurance, they can’t collect any damages that might arise beyond direct expenses that result from that accident. This means that any driver who is not covered by a car insurance policy is involved in an accident, any damages for pain and suffering will be forfeited.

Liability and property damage coverage protects other drivers on the road from damage a driver causes. As an example, most car insurance policies list liability as a bodily injury 20/40. In this case, 20 represents $20,000 as the amount the insurance company will pay out for medical expenses or pain and suffering for each person. The 40 represents $40,000 as the amount of coverage the insurance company will pay out for medical expenses and pain and suffering per accident.

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Property Damage

Besides medical costs and reimbursement for pain and suffering caused by automobile accidents, there are damages to property that insurance would cover. This includes the losses that might arise from the losses of property by the insured and other drivers who might be involved in an accident. This would include costs that would result from the repair or replacement of damage caused by the accident.

Legal Implications

Anytime a person is involved in a car accident, they are open to what could potentially amount to huge losses. This includes lawsuits that could be filed against them by other drivers, the state, and others who could have an interest in the incident. For most, insurance is one of the only financial protections they have against the demands of such potential losses.

In most cases, insurance policies will pay for the costs of protecting a driver involved in an accident from the claims of another. Further, insurance often helps to pay the legal expenses of those who have suffered losses due to the negligence of others who have no insurance coverage.

It should be apparent from the description above that, from a legal perspective, having car insurance is critical. It not only allows someone to drive but will protect them if something happens that could seriously impact them financially and legally.

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