5 Reasons Why You Lost Your Personal Injury Case

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Personal injury law is extremely complicated, and all too often, a victim of a personal injury decides to take on the insurance company, the defendant, and their legal team by themselves. There are many different reasons why this is problematic, but it’s only one of many different reasons why someone may lose a personal injury case, even one that seems to be very clear that the courts should rule in favor of the victim.

The following are just a few of the many possible ways that someone can lose a personal injury case, even if they are rightfully entitled to compensation. The United States legal system is extremely complicated and rife with opportunities to lose a case because of avoidable mistakes.

#1. No Legal Support

Attempting to go into a legal battle without the support of a seasoned attorney is one of the biggest missteps you could possibly take. Hiring an attorney should be the first step that you take after you have addressed your immediate medical issues so that you have someone who can guide you through this process and take on much of the stress. Lawyers understand all of the ways that a case can be blown simply because of a seemingly minor statement or a procedural error, and they are there to be sure that these technical errors do not keep you from the compensation that you deserve. Visit hlgny.com to find an attorney today.

#2. No Credibility

This is not to say that a person who loses a case because of lack of credibility is not a trustworthy person—what it means is that they failed to build a credible case by using provable evidence, working with credible witnesses and experts, and ensuring that all evidence submitted to the courts is absolutely honest and accurate. One simple mistake or incorrect statement will be used against you for the rest of your case and will have a major impact on your outcome.

#3. No Evidence

When you are seeking compensation from someone due to your injuries and the impacts that you have suffered as a result of their actions, you are expected to provide ample evidence as to why you deserve the money that you are seeking. The defense will go through your claim and attempt to pick apart every single line item, and if they find portions of your claim that are submitted without evidence they will have a strong case for not paying this piece. If there are many pieces of your claim that lack supporting evidence, it will have a major impact on your credibility.

#4. No Discretion

If you are injured and are claiming that you have suffered a serious loss of your ability to pursue your professional and personal goals, this is entirely reasonable and deserving of compensation. However, if you are claiming that you are suffering from a significant decrease in quality of life but are then posting pictures to your social media of vacations, parties, or other activities that speak to the contrary, you can count on your credibility taking a major hit and the courts siding against you.

#5. No Preparation

When you arrive in court or at the negotiating table with the insurance company, they expect that you are ready to present a well-prepared, clear, and professional case. When someone shows that they have not taken the necessary steps to prepare their side of the case, they will quickly lose the support of the courts and be disregarded by the negotiators who are representing the insurance company. In addition to the optics of being unprepared, you will likely also miss many important details that would otherwise build a stronger case.

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