5 Steps to Find the Right Attorney for Your Business


If you’ve just started a business, you’re probably aware that you’re going to require the services of a competent, professional business attorney in your area to help you negotiate the legal pitfalls that all business owners face. If you weren’t aware, let this article put you on notice that operating a business without the advice of a lawyer puts you and your company in an extremely precarious position. Here are five steps that can help you find the right business lawyer for you.

1. Do an Internet Search

No, we aren’t suggesting that you enter business lawyer Las Vegas into your phone and choose the first attorney that pops up in your search rankings. Take some time with this step. Sit down and review several lawyers in your city. Read what their webpages have to say about them. If they have a blog where the attorney writes about matters related to your business, skim a few paragraphs. Also, review their client testimonials to see what actual clients have said about their practice.

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2. Find an Attorney Who Works with Your Business Classification

If you own a restaurant, you’re going to want an attorney who has experience with other restauranteurs. You shouldn’t, for example, consider a lawyer whose only clients up until now have been car dealerships. You can find attorneys that are marketing for your type of business, by narrowing your search “attorney for [your business type] in [your city]. Another way to find lawyers who work with your type of business is to ask associates with similar businesses which firms they use. Barring a conflict of interest, this may be the best way to find a good business attorney it’s a testimonial from someone you trust.

3. Vet Your Selections With the State Bar

Most state bars have a lawyer search option so that you can see if your prospective attorney is a lawyer in good standing. Many even have a lawyer referral service, which connects clients with attorneys in the fields that they’re looking for. If your lawyer isn’t showing up on the state bar website, there may be an issue with their bar certification.

4. Word of Mouth

Your best source for finding a good lawyer in your industry is to ask around. You may have a supplier, a purchaser, or another type of business colleague who is familiar with the lawyers in your business. A note of caution when selecting a business associate’s lawyer: they may not be able to represent you in some matters if they are already representing the other side.

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5. Make Appointments with Lawyers

Your business can represent large amounts of revenue for the law firm you choose. For that potential business, the attorney should be willing to give you a little bit of their time. See if the attorney will give you a free initial consultation, even if it’s over the phone. You may need to meet with a few lawyers before making your final decision. Don’t make appointments with attorneys who are going to charge you more than a modest sum to meet with you.

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