5 Tips for Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

criminal defense lawyer criminal lawyer
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Hiring a criminal defense lawyer comes at an extremely stressful and worrying time in your life. When you’re facing a criminal charge, you want the best representation possible, but finding someone who fits the right criteria can seem like trying to find a needle in a haystack. In addition, when you know that the right criminal defense lawyer could ultimately mean the difference between getting the result you want or the worst case scenario, the entire process can feel completely overwhelming – if you’re looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles then click the link.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is not something you should do without going through a selection process first. Time may be of the essence and you might feel anxious to find representation as quickly as possible, however hiring the right criminal defense lawyer is a key step towards the result of your case.

Read on for 5 tips for hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

Choose a defense lawyer who specializes in criminal law

The world of law is expansive, which means many attorneys focus on various departments. However, it’s best to choose an attorney who specializes specifically in criminal law. When an attorney specializes in one field of law, then it means that they are up to date with the latest legislation, changes and sanctions that may affect your case. It also means they have more experience in criminal law cases.

 Make sure they’re familiar with local courts

Every courthouse in the land is different. Which is why choosing a lawyer who is familiar with the local courts is essential. They may be familiar with the judge and how they work in the courtroom. Hiring a criminal lawyer who has good, strong connections with the court you’ll be attending is always useful.

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Search for reputable reviews

You may notice that the reviews displayed on the home pages of any business are usually faultless and ultimately perfect. While these may be legitimate, it’s always best to get thorough, detailed reviews from people who have had good and bad experiences with your prospective representative. Check out Google and Facebook to get some clarity.

Ensure they are responsive

As someone who is seeking legal representation for a criminal charge, you’ll be desperate to get things moving. When you’re eager and keen to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible, your lawyer should have the same attitude. When you initially make contact with them, gauge how active they are in replying to your emails or answering the phone. A good lawyer should be willing and able to set up an initial meeting with their legal team within 24 hours, and you should be able to build a strong relationship with them over the coming weeks.

They should make you feel at ease

A lawyer with a broken, battered briefcase, complete with crumpled suit and crooked tie, probably won’t fill you with confidence. When you initially meet with your potential representative, they should make you feel confident in their abilities and also make you feel at ease with the entire process. If they don’t then you haven’t found the right lawyer.

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  1. Eli Richardson says:

    It really helped when you talked about criminal defense lawyers and how to hire a qualified one. Recently, one of my cousins got involved in a delicate legal situation. My cousin needs to find an attorney, so I’ll be sure to share your tips with him right away! Thanks for the advice on checking an attorney’s past experience before hiring!

  2. Braden Bills says:

    My friend was arrested for DUI, and he’s not sure what to do about it. It makes sense that he might want to get a criminal lawyer to help out with things! That seems like a good way to ensure that he gets a good defense set up.

  3. rachel frampton says:

    My dad was arrested under the charge of stealing from his previous clients, which is why I’ve decided to start looking for a criminal defense attorney that will be able to help us with the case. I agree with you that it would be best to hire someone who is experienced and updated regarding the latest legislation. You’re also right about the importance of considering someone who has strong connections with the court.

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