5 Ways to Boost Your Firm’s Reputation

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You can have an impressive academic background, passed the bar with flying colors, have a happy and wholesome personal life as well as being part of a law firm that gets the results that clients want and need. But sometimes, all it takes is a bad review or a simple misunderstanding to really tarnish your firm’s reputation.

It can be utterly devastating, and a tarnished reputation can spread with the ferocity of a wildfire. So, with this in mind it’s important to work hard to keep your law firm’s reputation positive and attractive to potential clients. Read on for 5 ways to do this.

Be aware of plagiarism

I’m sure you’re familiar with the laws around copyright infringement. But sometimes, even a small oversight such as not crediting sources correctly, not following citation guidelines or unintentionally using the work of someone else can land you in hot water and your firms reputation in tatters. Make sure everyone in the firm is aware of the legalities around plagiarism and how it can be avoided. Make sure work is proofread and checked for accuracy – using a tool for copied content is a positive step to ensuring it doesn’t happen.

Face misunderstanding and clear them up quickly

As mentioned above, even the smallest of misunderstandings can have enormous repercussions. It’s just not worth the risk. For example if there is an issue with a client and they have taken to social media to voice their experience, then its important to make yourself seen and proactive in trying to reach a resolution. Alternatively, call, email or speak to a client face to face to try to deal with issue before if spirals out of control.

Invest in your local community

A business that gives back to its community is one that is revered and respected. It will also boost your reputation not just for excellence but for compassion and integrity. Consider sponsoring a local event or even a local soccer or sports team. Not only will this prove popular in your local community and therefore gain you more custom but it’s also a good advertising opportunity as your logo and company name will be seen by potentially thousands of new clients. It’s a win-win situation.

Make sure customers spread the word

It’s a frustrating fact that its mostly customers with a negative experience post their opinions, rather than those with positive ones! If you’ve recently closed a case and the client is more than happy with your services then encourage them to leave you a positive review. Likewise, any previous clients you’ve had a good experience with should also be encouraged to leave a review. So, get in touch with them!

Recognize your employees

Your employees are working hard to keep your business running. So, it’s important to acknowledge their effort and what they do every day. Whether you treat them with a day off or with gifts and surprises, taking care of your employees and letting them know that they’re appreciated will also go a long way in boosting your reputation!

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