7 Things to Remember If You Have a DUI Case

DUI lawyer
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A DUI case remains a serious offense. A first offense may be a misdemeanor, but subsequent offenses can quickly turn into a felony charge. If your BAC was over a certain percentage, even a first offense DUI can be a felony. If you’re facing a DUI charge, keep a few of these helpful things in mind as you go forward. You can discuss them with an attorney and learn more about what’s ahead of you.

1. Vehicle Impoundment

If you were arrested, it’s a certainty that your vehicle was impounded by the police. They will have it towed to a facility, and it’s your responsibility to contact that facility and work on retrieving your car. There won’t be anyone show up with your car in tow. You must retrieve it.

2. A Written Account

Your lawyer will benefit from having a thorough, written account of your DUI arrest and the details surrounding that arrest. Your written account is seen only by your attorney, and they can go over the arrest with you on a point by point basis so that everything about the experience is clear.

3. Get a DUI Counselor

If you have a DUI case and suspect that you’re going to be pleading guilty to it, then it might be wise to get a DUI counselor who will assess your alcohol use and give you recommendations to follow. Showing the court that you’re willing to get help, sticking to appointments, and going to AA meetings may be a first step in leniency. It’s important to note, though, that you should only take this action if your DUI attorney recommends that you do so.

4. Get Medical Records

Some people aren’t guilty of a DUI at all. They might have been injured in an accident and subjected to field sobriety tests that reflected injury and not drunkenness. If there was an injury involved that caused you to fail a field sobriety test, but you weren’t actually intoxicated, it’s important to get those medical records to show what happened.

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5. Sign Up For DUI School

Again, only do this at the direction of your lawyer. If you’re planning to plead guilty and want to show the court that you’re taking proactive steps to get help, signing up for DUI school early, ahead of time, can really make an impact on the court’s opinion of you. If you’re pleading not guilty, then a lawyer may advise you not to do this.

6. Get Records of Employment or School

Reduction in sentencing is often awarded to those people who are doing something important in life, like working or going to school. If you’ve been charged with a DUI and have a looming court date, get your employment and school records to show how important your job or education is to you. There are times when this will reflect very well with a court. A reduction in sentence is much more likely if you are employed or in school.

7. Be Honest

Your attorney needs to know every last embarrassing detail of your case. You should never hide anything at all from your attorney, as they will obviously find out through court records anyway. Start off by telling them the worst of the situation, not the best. While it’s normal to be embarrassed by these details, it’s just like going to a medical doctor and lying about your symptoms. A doctor can’t help you if you lie about your symptoms, and a lawyer can’t help you if you lie about your actions that led to the charge. Always be open and honest about every last detail of your DUI case.

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DUI charges are never pleasant, always stressful, and they’re going to be a part of your life for awhile. However, by being open and honest with your attorney, following their direction, and staying on the straight and narrow until your court case, you can expect to have a much less stressful case going forward. The court is going to pay attention to your actions after the DUI. Don’t wait to take action. Follow these few simple tips and make life easier for yourself. Rawlings Law GC Criminal Lawyer tools can help you have the best possible outcome.

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