7 Ways to Prevent Car Accidents

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You must have heard about the proverb: it’s better to be late than never. Well, you must remember this while driving. Everyone wants to reach their destination safely and early. But this is not the case for everyone. Unfortunately, there are a lot of car accidents every day. A general estimation shows that more than 1.2 million deaths happen worldwide due to car accidents yearly. While 30-50 million people get injuries or disability in their after effects.

At times the most evident things get neglected and become the cause of these accidents. If you stick to some basic steps you can easily get to your destination early and safe.

Taking proactive steps to reduce car accidents can save many lives.

Fast Lane is not Always Yours

You are not in a race. Drive patiently to reach your destination alive. There is no need to be in the fast lane always, this is the place where usually accidents happen. Try to be in the middle lane, it will give you the opportunity to get escape in the case of any threat. Highway police keep an eye on the left lane.

Always Prepared for Threats

While driving you must be aware of potential threats. A car swiftly changing the lanes, a high speed biker coming close or a pedestrian can cause trouble for you. Keep an eye on these to avoid any misfortune. Always try to be watchful and attentive. Try to avoid the threat in the safest way possible.

Never Assume

Don’t assume that the other person will stop or turn. To be on the safer end think that they will not. At many times, some drivers don’t follow the red light. Always look at both sides and then take a turn. Cautions are always better.


Never take it as a usual ritual. Always wear your seat belt. Every time you drive, you must wear your seat belt. Develop the habit of wearing it whether you are a driver or a passenger.

No Usage of Cell Phone

Cell phone while driving is ALWAYS a NO. If you have a habit of using a mobile phone while driving, quit it right now. This is one the foremost reasons for accidents. Allow yourself to use a cell phone only if there is an emergency.  Also, in the case of an emergency, get yourself to the side of the road.

Know Your Car

While driving on the road, you must know about your car’s capability. Each car has certain limits. Know about your car’s tires and brakes to best respond in trouble situations. To avoid any scary situation check your car every time before you heat to your journey.

More Watchful at Nighttime

Night driving is not a safe option for everyone every time. Night driving demands more responsibility and attentiveness. You will not have a clear bright vision to see all things. It might get you tired as well. Avoid driving at night as much as you can.

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