If the name Johnstun Garrett is not familiar to you yet, it will be soon. Founded by seasoned attorneys Aaron Johnstun and Megan Garrett, the firm has made a name for itself as the go-to firm for top-notch business legal work.

“We’re passionate about business law, and it’s the only thing we do,” said Johnstun.

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The two founders offer complementary aspects of legal work.

Finding Their Niche Johnstun is passionate about business and transactional practices, focusing much of his work on advising entrepreneurs and startups.

“We’re really passionate about serving Utah’s tech startup scene, as well as traditional corporate services,” he explained. “We’re one of the firms that is truly focused on the new tech companies starting up in Utah. It’s exciting to be part of the innovation and entrepreneurial success that Utah is becoming famous for. I love to sit down and counsel with new entrepreneurs and help bring their idea to life. Seeing a client idea go from a concept to a successful business is very rewarding.”

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Garrett focuses on complex commercial matters, including litigating commercial disputes in a variety of fields, from aviation to manufacturing, products liability to employment, non-competition and trade secrets to construction.

“My pet niche is manufacturing,” she explained. “I’ve always loved science, so, working with manufacturers and seeing what they do, and how they do it, is just fascinating to me. Plus, it’s great to help them move forward in their businesses. Being able to help companies in an area I’m truly fascinated by is great. ”

Johnstun and Garrett had originally met years ago in Wichita, Kansas as attorneys at prominent law firms. Their careers initially took them in different directions, but they both eventually ended up working along the Wasatch Front. As fate would have it, the two ended up working on the same case. From this experience both realized their complementary practice areas within business and commercial law, and uncompromising commitment to quality legal services, were a natural fit. In January 2015, Johnstun Garrett was officially formed with the two founders’ vision for business law and commercial litigation, and commitment to providing exceptional legal representation.

Defining Their Practice “Aaron and I are working together not because we have to, but because we choose to,” Garrett said. “We have high standards and ideals of quality, and our own ideas of what a law practice should look like.”

“Part of that vision is putting our clients and their interests first,” Johnstun said. “Too often I’ve seen clients become a file number. The basic idea is that we offer a trusted partner type level of commitment to our clients. While we’re not partners in a legal sense, the clients we agree to represent understand the value of a law firm that sees its role as a long term ally. At the end of the day, it’s about delivering high quality legal representation to our clients over the long term. We’re helping our clients compete and win in their industry space.”

The two also point to their own working relationship as trusted partners as an example of what makes their practice work.

“Megan is the best litigation attorney I’ve known, period,” Johnstun emphasized. “We share the same values, commitment to the work, commitment to our clients, our vision and our professionalism.”

Another unique component that sets Johnstun Garrett apart as a law firm is their broader stewardship perspective. Both see a higher value in the impact their work has on the Utah community at large.

“By helping businesses, we’re ultimately helping provide jobs for Utah families, which in turn impacts not only our business clients, but has a direct positive economic impact on our communities at large,” said Johnstun. “What we do has so many positive ripple effects. We take that seriously.”

Not only is the firm becoming increasingly well known among Utah law firms, but both Johnstun and Garrett are rising stars individually, as well.

Awards and Recognition Garrett, who graduated from law school at only 22, has been repeatedly selected as a SuperLawyers Mountain States Rising Star since 2013. Johnstun was designated with the same distinction in 2015. This places the two attorneys among the elite attorneys practicing within the Rocky Mountain region.

“We’re not trying to practice A to Z law,” Johnstun said. “We have a very narrow practice focus – while the focus is very narrow in width, our capability within that narrow focus is very deep.”

Although relatively new, Johnstun Garrett has staked a unique space within Utah’s legal industry.

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