Accident While Vacationing in Hawaii: Here’s What You Need to Do

Accident While Vacationing in Hawaii

Aloha! As the cold weather hits most of the USA, we can always depend on Honolulu, Maui, and Oahu to give us the warmth and sunshine were deprived of. Hawaii has warm weather all year round, with average highs of 78-82ºF in the winter. If it’s outdoor activities that you thrive on, the choices are plenty in Hawaii. Swimming, snorkeling, hiking, fishing, and of course surfing. Hawaii simply has it all. Yet, with so much to do and so many activities to participate in, the chances of getting injured in an accident can be quite high. And what complicates things more is if you’re not a resident of Hawaii. That certainly can put a damper on your vacation, so at the very least, you’ll want to know what to do so you’re not at a loss.

In most cases, if you’re injured in an accident while out-of-state, you will take the same steps as you would if you were in-state, but there will be differences.  And if you’re not familiar with what those steps are, we can help.

Call 911

Hawaii has the same emergency helpline of all other states, and that’s the first thing you’ll want to do, whether it’s an auto accident or other type of accident. You always want to make sure your injuries are treated first. If it’s a road accident and you were driving, it’s important not to make any statements or admit to anything. It’s normal that after a road accident, you could be dazed and confused and say something wrong.

Gather all medical evidence

If you’ve been admitted to a hospital or have had any medical work done to you after an injury, it’s important to keep all the papers that document that.

Contact a lawyer

If you’re only filing for insurance, you probably don’t need a local lawyer and you can file once you get back to your home state. But you might see that you have grounds to make a personal injury claim. This is where it can get more complicated. Since your intention was only to go to Hawaii as a tourist, you probably wouldn’t know any lawyer names there and where to get a good lawyer from. This is when Recovery Law Center can help you by providing you with some of the most trusted lawyers in Hawaii. It’s always advised to have a local lawyer of the place where you were injured and where the accident occurred. A local lawyer will know better how to manage your case. Most likely a lawyer from your neck of the woods would not have the same credentials to successfully see you through a personal injury case to get the compensation you deserve, especially, if your accident was preventable.

Hopefully, this worst-case scenario will not happen to you in the beautiful state of Hawaii. But since accidents do happen, it’s always best to have some knowledge of what to do and who to contact. It’s bad enough to be in an accident while vacationing, but an experienced lawyer can help you get compensation.  

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