American Bar Endowment Funds Tennessee-based Advocates for Immigrant Rights

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MEMPHIS, TN—The American Bar Endowment offered a grant to Advocates for Immigrant Rights.

Stephen Zack, ABE’s President, said, “With the financial support of our insureds who generously donate their dividends from ABE-sponsored insurance, we are able to fund a diverse array of organizations and projects, including programs that ensure due process to immigrants and asylum seekers, such as the Advocates for Immigrant Rights.”

After reaching the United States and awaiting decisions on their status, thousands of immigrants and asylum seekers are finding temporary homes in communities across the country. Now, siloed rather than coordinated human and legal services are routinely provided, resulting in poorer outcomes for clients. Spearheaded by Tennessee-based Welcome South, a collaboration of Advocates for Immigrant Rights (AIR), the Community Legal Center (CLC), and Mid-South Immigration Advocates (MIA), is increasing shared capacity and addressing systemic issues facing this growing population in Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

Casey Bryant, Advocates for Immigrant Rights’ Executive Director, said, “We are so grateful to receive this important grant from the American Bar Endowment. It will allow the Welcome South partnership to create an online platform to facilitate cross-network referrals between social service agencies and the legal programs serving clients in the four states. Additionally, the platform will aid in the referral of cases to pro bono lawyers and other legal services providers as clients move or are placed in other facilities across the country. As a result, services will be streamlined, increasing the capacity of each provider to serve more people.”

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