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Dallas Family Law Lawyer

Dallas Family Law Attorney

Halina Radchenko is a top Family Law attorney in Dallas, TX.

President of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association
Top 40 under 40 in Brooklyn Rising Starts Award
Super Lawyer Designation 2018, 2020-2022
Settled Cases Against Municipalities & Uber
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Halina Radchenko is our recommended Dallas Family Law attorney. 903-500-7342

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About Halina Radchenko

Halina Radchenko is one of the founders of Brooks & Radchenko. She practices personal injury in Denton County.

Halina decided to become an attorney when she was 14 years old. She attended James Madison high school in Brooklyn, the alma mater of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. To honor Justice Ginsberg, the school built a courtroom. They also offered a law program, which Halina joined. 

“I was fascinated the trial aspect of criminal law and the political side of international relations. More than anything, I wanted to help people. I thought that I could help by representing persons wrongly accused of crimes or helping in a greater world sense by becoming involved in international relations. 

“I had grandiose ideas as a teenager.”

What drew Halina to practice personal injury? After law school, she went to work for small solo practice, the Law Office of Richard Wright. There she practiced family, criminal, immigration, and personal injury law.

“I loved going to court every day. I loved representing people in their various issues. As a result of my first year of working, I decided to focus on family law and personal injury. I felt that I could effectuate the most help in those areas.”

Halina’s philosophy for the practice of law. “I want to give the clients a personalized, hands-on approach to each case.” Halina is directly available for clients, even giving them her cell phone number.

“We’re also aggressive. We file suit. We’re not afraid to go all the way to trial.”

The highlight of Halina’s day. “I enjoy winning on behalf of my clients.” Halina and her team have handled some difficult personal injury cases.

“We are relentless, and when we win these difficult cases and see our clients compensated for their injuries, it warms my heart.”

What inspired Halina to launch her own firm? “I wanted to build something from scratch. I have worked for other firms for most of my career. I knew it was time to be the leader of a firm.”

The culture of Brooks & Radchenko. “I love my team. I work with my best friend from law school and four paralegals who are excellent and extremely motivated. We are all friends and work well together.” 

Some notable cases. Halina successfully settled a few cases against municipalities that seemed impossible. “I had numerous people tell me there was zero liability in these cases. I went into overdrive and found evidence, and made the municipality pay. Municipal law is very difficult; it was an uphill battle to learn it, and I did.”

Halina also led a few suits against Uber when they were the “new kid on the block.”

Halina in the community. Halina is involved in various bar associations. She was the president of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association last year. In that role, she helped victims of negligence by promoting and lobbying for legislation that would protect their interests. 

Halina outside the office. Halina is a mother to two children, Anthony, 11, and Alice, 3. Outside of work, she is busy with her kids. “It makes me the happiest to be a mom to two incredible people.”

She also enjoys cooking and traveling. “We love to immerse ourselves in the local culture when we travel.”

She is also a diver. Some of her most memorable dives included The Great Barrier Reef and The Astralobe Reef in Fiji.

What it's Like Working With Our Recommended Family Law Attorney in Dallas, TX

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About Dallas Family Law

Divorce is never easy but sometimes it's the only solution. Whether you chose to end your marriage or you're struggling with your spouse's decision, the process is often complicated. Divorce is an emotional restructuring of your family's life but it's also a financial and legal process. If you've already made the critical divorce decision, it's important to work with the best Dallas family law attorney who understands that everything you do can affect your future.

Whether you choose to contest your divorce or work out a mutual agreement, you must still comply with state and local statutes and legal and financial responsibilities. When you have children, you must resolve custody issues. If you have a home, a car, and other financial assets, you must establish a method for equitable distribution. If only one spouse works outside of the home, spousal support is also a consideration.

An attorney who specializes in Dallas family law can help you take the proper steps to resolve your divorce-related issues. A family lawyer provides services that protect your legal, financial, and familial rights while resolving your legal complications.

Experienced Legal Advocacy

Family lawyers specialize in divorce cases and other issues involving children and families. Their focus on family law gives them a comprehensive understanding of Family Law statutes, divorce procedures, and regional courtroom traditions. A family lawyer has the experience to work through anticipated and unexpected issues.

  • Child custody arrangements
  • Child visitation
  • Child support agreements
  • Spousal support
  • Hidden financial assets
  • Distribution of assets

Fact-Based Evaluations

Family attorneys represent your legal interests and help you achieve the best possible outcome for your family. To accomplish this, they look at the evidence and issues and make objective assessments. They get to know you, your family and every detail about you and your spouse's circumstances. Only then can they provide honest feedback about your most favorable legal and financial alternatives.

Comprehensive Case Preparation

A divorce is a legal process. Just like other legal issues, preparation makes a big difference in the ultimate outcome. As a family lawyer reviews your case, they consider what they need to succeed on your behalf:

  • Court Requirements: Filings, pleadings, agreements, statements, depositions
  • Expert consultants: Specialists in family, financial, and social issues
  • Witnesses: Personal and professional support for your financial, family, and legal positions
  • Hearings: Compliance with a court-ordered discovery and negotiation schedules
  • Communication: Interaction with court officials, judges, and opposing counsel

Child Support

No matter the relational or marital status of two parents, Dallas, Texas laws require that they each contribute financially to the child's upbringing. When two parents live together or are married, the Dallas family courts typically don't need to get involved in these matters. However, when parents don't live together or seek a divorce, often a court will need to determine and enforce child support. Typically, the Dallas custodial parent or parent with primary custody won't need to pay child support to the other. However, the court typically orders the non-custodial parent to pay child support to the other parent. The amount will depend on state laws, both parents' incomes, and the child's needs. Parents who want to find out more about whether they will receive or possibly need to pay child support should meet with an experienced Dallas family law attorney as soon as possible.

Child Custody

Divorce is challenging for everyone in the family, especially when it comes to child custody and visitation matters. In fact, child custody and visitation issues in Dallas, Texas are often the most challenging to resolve when a marriage ends. A compassionate Dallas family practice lawyer can help you reach long-term solutions that are workable for you, your kids, and your ex-partner. Divorcing parents need realistic advice and a practical parenting plan that takes into account the best interests of the children. They also need a reasonable child support award that is fair to both parties. Sometimes this can be achieved between two cordial parents or through simple negotiations with the assistance of legal counsel. Other times it may require mediation or the intervention of Dallas family courts. Either way, an experienced Dallas family law attorney can help you minimize the disruption for your children during this time emotional time of transition.


Many Dallas spouses make various sacrifices in their marriage to make their partner's wishes or dreams come true. Some make them in an effort to do what is best for their children or their entire family as a whole. While this seems like the right thing to do at the time, it can come back to haunt them if the marriage breaks down. For example, if one spouse quit their job or forewent an education to stay home and raise the children, they not only lost income but also their place on the corporate ladder. Similarly, suppose one spouse worked full-time so that the other could go to medical school to eventually earn a better living. These are the kinds of situations that Dallas, Texas family courts take into consideration when determining which spouse, if any, should receive alimony and how much. Alimony can be temporary while a spouse gets further education and training to go back to work or get a better job. Depending on each Dallas family's unique history and situation, it can also be long-term or even permanent. Spouses who want to know if and how alimony might apply in their divorce should seek out the advice of a knowledgeable Dallas family law lawyer.

Divorce Resolution

The Dallas family law lawyer understands that to resolve your pending divorce case, you and your spouse must address the key issues. This is usually difficult for divorcing couples to accomplish without a family law attorney's communication and negotiation skills.

  • Negotiated settlements: Attorneys resolve cases by negotiating your position with the spouse's attorney.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: Divorcing parties and their attorneys participate in a facilitated negotiation process such as mediation. Parties present their evidence in a neutral setting, discuss their positions, and sometimes resolve difficult issues.
  • Court Hearings: Attorneys and the divorcing spouses eventually appear before an arbitrator, magistrate, judge or another court official. During a hearing, court officials encourage settlement negotiations. During a trial, parties present their evidence and a judge issues a decision on the divorce and all unresolved issues.

Contact the Best Family Law Attorney in Dallas

Divorce is hard. The certainty that you're making the right decision doesn't prevent the roller coaster highs and emotional lows. Family lawyers can't take away the anxiety or eliminate a lifetime of memories, but through their efforts, they can help you gain peace of mind.

While you're taking care of your family and adjusting to your new reality, your family lawyer in Dallas handles the difficult interactions and issues. They protect your rights and help you work through the legal, financial, and family complications.

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