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Security, AI and blockchain need to go hand in hand was the message at a Global Legal Hackers, Computation Law + Blockchain Festival hosted by Campbell University’s Legal Hackers Student Group in Raleigh in March. It was one of 24 nodes held around world as part of the international festival.

“The purpose of all the technology is to provide better service for the client efficiently and with higher quality,” said Campbell Law School Professor Kevin P. Lee, who chairs the NCBA Future of Law Committee who organized the festival. “In a future where the legal services industry will be markedly more competitive, the best lawyers will be using the best tools to make themselves more competent, effective, and efficient.”

“In law there is a lot of reading and researching of documents,” said Richard Boyd, CEO. “A lot of that activity yields pretty easily to machine learning. Our system reads every legal opinion in American history. No human or teams of humans can do that nor should they. A machine can do that, then apply a set of rules. So, the role of a lawyer today is to figure out what those utility features are and what those values are.”

“There are limitations to products and designs and you need to have a version 2 and a version 3,” said Tom Snyder, CEO and founder of NCRiot. “You have to keep innovating and keep improving your security.”

“Blockchain will have several roles for law firms. The most popular being Smart contract development and adoption,” said Craig Petronella, president and CEO of the Petronella Technology Group.

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The 21st century legal marketplace is experiencing a collision of forces resulting in clients, lawyers, legal professionals and business innovators who are allies rather than adversaries and Lawyers Mutual is a proud supporter of the creative solutions that will abound. Continue this conversation by contacting us at (800) 662- 8843 or [email protected].

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