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Jason Carr

Dallas Tax Attorney

Attorney at Law Magazine’s Dallas Tax Local Legal Authority.

Jason Carr

Dallas Tax Attorney

Dallas Tax Lawyer

Attorney at Law Magazine’s Dallas Tax Local Legal Authority.

Jason Carr

Prior to law school, Jason worked in various areas of tax for 20 years, either as owner of his own tax preparation business, or in a business environment completing corporate returns. Thus, when he sold his successful startup and decided to go to law school, he quickly recognized tax controversy work as a natural fit for his background and love of "all things tax".

Jason grew up in Dallas, so starting his practice in the Uptown area of Dallas after law school was always a given. Today, Jason works tirelessly to defend clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and across the U.S. against the IRS.

Although the majority of his work involves domestic tax issues, he also has considerable experience in resolving offshore compliance problems for clients with bank accounts and other unreported assets overseas. Most recently, Jason has developed a niche practice helping clients convince the IRS to lift property tax liens so they can sell or refinance their homes or other property in order to lessen their tax debt -- something liens often prevent.

"I'm excited to go to my office every day because I know I'm going to be able to help someone get their life back on track", says Jason. He continued, "IRS debt can seem overwhelming to people, and many view their situation as hopeless". Jason works tirelessly as their advocate to not only help them navigate their way out of tax trouble, but by teaching them how to prevent problems from recurring through effective tax planning, as well.

Jason studied psychology at The University of Texas - Permian Basin before completing law school at Texas A&M University School of Law. He also completed an advanced program of study at Georgetown University Law Center where he completed an LL.M. in Securities & Financial Regulation.

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About Dallas Tax Law

As the old saying goes, you can be sure of two things in life—death and taxes. Since you’ve been old enough to spend money, you have been exposed to taxes, even if only paying sales tax when buying a piece of candy at the store. As one ages, gets their first job, buys their first home, starts a business, plans their estate, and inherits money, they come into contact with additional requirements to send money to the government.

What Does a Dallas Tax Attorney Do?

Simple income tax returns for businesses and individuals and other types of common transactions rarely require the services of a Dallas tax lawyer. In fact, in some cases, you might not even have to rely on your accountant to prepare your taxes. Yet, simple transactions can turn complex, and the United States Internal Revenue Code (IRC) is notoriously long and challenging for the layperson to tackle. Tax attorneys in Dallas exist to help you with those transactions and payments, which might be challenging for you, by helping you conform to U.S. tax code or defending you when you have clearly violated tax code.

When Should You Hire a Dallas Tax Attorney?

A Dallas tax attorney can help you through many tax-related challenges, and when in doubt, you should always schedule a consultation to let a licensed tax attorney in Dallas evaluate your case. People often confuse the ways in which a tax attorney and an accountant can help them. Below you will find some common scenarios in which people enlist the help of a competent tax lawyer.


  • You haven’t filed taxes with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and/or you owe back taxes. Failure to pay taxes is a federal crime that carries hefty penalties and even time in prison when large dollar amounts are involved, such as is the case with large businesses and corporations. A tax lawyer can help seek relief for penalties from late filing or not filing at all.
  • You are starting a business. You might take many different paths when starting a business depending on your location, your type of business, your sales, whether or not you have partners, and the size of your business. A Dallas tax lawyer can help you choose the right path which fulfills all legal obligations, while at the same time advising on which business structure can legally save you the most money in tax liability.
  • You are selling or acquiring a business. The purchase and sale of a business include considerations such as the depreciation of assets and the way in which capital gains tax impacts your transaction, as well as other complicated issues. A tax attorney can guide you through either process and ensure you avoid costly tax-related mistakes.
  • You have committed or been charged with committing a tax-related crime. Skilled tax lawyers in Dallas know how to negotiate and defend you in the event you have been charged with violating one or more tax laws. Most importantly, you have attorney-client privilege with your tax attorney, something you do not have with your certified public accountant (CPA). Typically, an audit precedes charges for tax code violations. You do not always need an attorney for an audit, but if charges emerge, you should call a tax attorney as soon as possible.

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