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Doug Terry

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Doug Terry

Edmond Insurance Attorney

Edmond Insurance Lawyer

Doug Terry

Doug’s first job as a practicing attorney was as an associate attorney at a prominent Oklahoma City law firm which represented insurance companies. During this period, Doug gained a deep understanding of the mechanisms and the mindset of insurance companies. There were clear patterns in how they dealt with policyholders and the tactics they used in legal disputes. Doug learned “where the bodies are buried” in the insurance industry while working for them.

In 1999, Doug became one of the founding partners at an Oklahoma City law firm. Doug’s practice evolved away from representing insurance companies, and he began representing individuals and businesses who had been treated unfairly by their insurance companies. This type of practice became his passion. Doug found that standing up for normal people, like those he had grown up around in Oklahoma, who had been taken advantage of by huge insurance companies was what he was meant to do.

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