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Angie Smith

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Angie Smith

Angie founded Taxsmith, LLC after having worked for several years in the tax industry. She originally grew up in a small, rural town in North Carolina were she learned the value of working hard to succeed in life. Angie’s father has worked in the hog farm business for years and her mother has been a hospice nurse for over 30 years. Her first job was working for her uncle in their family dry cleaners after school and on the weekends. It was Angie’s parents who taught her that having the drive and putting the hours into work creates successful goals. She prides her success in life in the support that her family has continuously provided throughout the years.

Angie graduated magna cum laude from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she obtained her B.A. in Sociology and Psychology and minored in Gerontology. While at UNC she was a NCAA Cheerleader and member of the Alpha Kappa Delta National Honor Society. She attended Florida Coastal School of Law and is admitted to the Florida Bar, the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

Angie believes in treating people the way that she would be treated and that does not stop with how she treats her clients. She also promises to treat every client like family and always provide honest answers. Angie lives with her chocolate lab Miller Ann and silver lab Aria Skye who can frequently be found “working” at the office. Angie enjoys working out, spending time with friends and family, playing flag football and is a huge sports fan (football, basketball, golf, etc.), in particular the UNC Tarheels.

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About Jacksonville Tax Law

As the old saying goes, you can be sure of two things in life—death and taxes. Since you’ve been old enough to spend money, you have been exposed to taxes, even if only paying sales tax when buying a piece of candy at the store. As one ages, gets their first job, buys their first home, starts a business, plans their estate, and inherits money, they come into contact with additional requirements to send money to the government.

What Does a Jacksonville Tax Attorney Do?

Simple income tax returns for businesses and individuals and other types of common transactions rarely require the services of a Jacksonville tax lawyer. In fact, in some cases, you might not even have to rely on your accountant to prepare your taxes. Yet, simple transactions can turn complex, and the United States Internal Revenue Code (IRC) is notoriously long and challenging for the layperson to tackle. Tax attorneys in Jacksonville exist to help you with those transactions and payments, which might be challenging for you, by helping you conform to U.S. tax code or defending you when you have clearly violated tax code.

When Should You Hire a Jacksonville Tax Attorney?

A Jacksonville tax attorney can help you through many tax-related challenges, and when in doubt, you should always schedule a consultation to let a licensed tax attorney in Jacksonville evaluate your case. People often confuse the ways in which a tax attorney and an accountant can help them. Below you will find some common scenarios in which people enlist the help of a competent tax lawyer.


  • You haven’t filed taxes with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and/or you owe back taxes. Failure to pay taxes is a federal crime that carries hefty penalties and even time in prison when large dollar amounts are involved, such as is the case with large businesses and corporations. A tax lawyer can help seek relief for penalties from late filing or not filing at all.
  • You are starting a business. You might take many different paths when starting a business depending on your location, your type of business, your sales, whether or not you have partners, and the size of your business. A Jacksonville tax lawyer can help you choose the right path which fulfills all legal obligations, while at the same time advising on which business structure can legally save you the most money in tax liability.
  • You are selling or acquiring a business. The purchase and sale of a business include considerations such as the depreciation of assets and the way in which capital gains tax impacts your transaction, as well as other complicated issues. A tax attorney can guide you through either process and ensure you avoid costly tax-related mistakes.
  • You have committed or been charged with committing a tax-related crime. Skilled tax lawyers in Jacksonville know how to negotiate and defend you in the event you have been charged with violating one or more tax laws. Most importantly, you have attorney-client privilege with your tax attorney, something you do not have with your certified public accountant (CPA). Typically, an audit precedes charges for tax code violations. You do not always need an attorney for an audit, but if charges emerge, you should call a tax attorney as soon as possible.

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Angie Smith

TaxSmith, LLC
Based on 172 reviews
I have nothing but good things to say about everyone that I have had contact with at TaxSmith, their costumer service is second to none. I would like to pull one person out of the crowd though. Briana Keaton has been an absolute joy to work with, which could be tough thing to say considering the circumstances. I was a little difficult to get ahold of and was lost in the whirlwind called life but her persistent, calm, understanding, and patient phone calls has helped me get out of a very disappointing, and uncomfortable situation. And I absolutely could not be any happier with the results of their hard work. So thank you to everyone working over at TaxSmith and a big thank you to Briana Keaton.
Jeremy Kudela
Jeremy Kudela
19:32 18 Dec 19
I would like to thank Briana Keaton her follow up every step of this process. She always made sure I understood what was happening and made herself available for questions. She is an excellent representative of Taxsmith.
Cheney Renfroe
Cheney Renfroe
20:01 12 Dec 19
My wife and I had some major tax issues stemming from several years of unpaid taxes (2012-2014). We had attempted to work with the IRS directly for over 3 years to find a resolution – no luck. We began to explore the idea of working with a tax agency, but after vetting several different agencies, we were convinced that the entire industry was a giant scam… but then we found Taxsmith. From the first conversation we had, to arriving at a successful resolution, Briana and Angie were amazing! Honest, Trustworthy, Transparent, and Reliable are just a few of the ways that I can describe them. Consistently overdelivering on expectations, I could not recommend them enough! We were extremely happy with the final outcome – a result that I definitely didn’t think was possible! For anyone who has any doubts at all, I strongly encourage you to at least have a quick conversation with them before making a decision. They are true professionals….. unlike many of the sleezy sales folks at other “big” tax agencies. If it isn’t clear already, I give Taxsmith a 10 star rating and would undoubtedly recommend them to anyone who has outstanding tax issues!! (Briana is AWESOME 😊)
Eric Betito
Eric Betito
19:11 04 Dec 19
After a long and disappointing struggle with my tax problems with other agencies, I stumbled upon Tax Smith and they have been tremendous to say the least. Angie Smith and Briana Keaton handled my case with a lot of professionalism and they achieved a successful outcome in just a few months of hiring them. They kept me up to date with what was going on up til the end. In a few months I was able to solve a major tax issue and it is thanks to this great team at Tax Smith that this was possible. And Tax Smith is much more affordable compared to other agencies, and when you have a team that treats you with the kind of respect they reserved for me, it is comforting to know you have some great and talented people working hard to make your life easier. I will highly recommend anyone with any kind of tax issue to consult and hire tax Smith. They are simply the best.
Lionel Bayen
Lionel Bayen
21:06 26 Oct 19
Briana and Angie Smith are the best hands down. They were relentless in helping me sort out my tax issues and I have nothing short of a miracle. Thank you!!!!
lisa morrison
lisa morrison
12:46 12 Jul 19
I had a great experience with this company. I had major tax issues and they helped me get back on track. I was made aware of my best options and they completed my case quickly.
Love Life
Love Life
23:26 02 Jul 19
If I could give 10 stars, I would. From the minute I contacted them I was immediately put at ease. I called numerous tax lawyers previously and basically was told there was nothing I could do to find a solution. After talking to Briana Keaton for ten minutes, I was assured that they could help me. Briana kept in touch every step of the way. She let me know where we were in the process and what to expect next. She followed up to see if I had questions. Tax Smith was able to solve my problem extremely quick with a favorable outcome. I am beyond satisfied and so grateful. Who says you can’t fight the IRS?!
Sharon Liebman
Sharon Liebman
17:19 27 Jun 19

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