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Carson M. Pearson

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Carson M. Pearson

Salt Lake City Real Estate Attorney

Salt Lake City Real Estate lawyer

Carson M. Pearson

Carson primarily works with small business owners and entrepreneurs. His work requires him to be knowledgeable in entity structuring, contracts, tax, qualified plans, charitable structures, trusts, corporate finance, asset protection, insurance concepts, investments, real estate, and estate planning.

Carson has co-founded and operated several successful businesses. Carson has valuable hands on experience in operations, start-up, and financing of these and other opportunities. In addition to these businesses he has consulted with several small business ventures on operations, sales, marketing, and human resources to increase their profitability or gain profitability and has successfully accomplished both business turnarounds as well as workouts.

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About Salt Lake City Real Estate Law

When you’re searching for a new home or commercial property, the process is both exciting and overwhelming. Salt Lake City real estate attorneys minimize the pressure by playing a critical behind-the-scenes role. They review documents, analyze contract language, and provide services that protect your financial and legal rights. Your real estate transaction flows smoothly because Salt Lake City real estate attorneys work to stop problems before they begin. Salt Lake City Realtors often present an added complication as they usually control every aspect of a sale from listing to closing. There’s an inherent conflict in this relationship: real estate agents represent you but they also represent themselves. While realtors usually commit to getting the results you want, earning a commission is also one of their ultimate goals. Salt Lake City Real estate attorneys minimize the potential for conflicts of interest by monitoring, reviewing, and analyzing every detail.

Salt Lake City Realtors Control the Buying and Selling Process

Given a typical Salt Lake City real estate agent’s involvement in the buying and selling process, it’s important to have a legal representative involved. Seller’s agents recommend upgrades and pre-listing repairs to enhance a property’s marketability. They conduct market research to finalize asking prices. They market properties on real estate sites, multiple listing services, commercial publications, and social media. Realtors make all buyer contacts and they host private showings and open houses. They document all offers, and whether or not they have the right experience, they negotiate all deals. Buyer’s agents provide a similar level of service. Agents help buyers locate homes and commercial properties. They accompany them during open houses and private showings. When a buyer finds a prospective home to buy, the buyer’s and seller’s agents negotiate the deal. In some instances, a single real estate agent represents both buyer and seller.

A Legally Complex Transaction

A real estate sale is a single transaction but it involves multiple parties, documents, contracts, and legal issues. You might not consider the legal complexity as realtors usually handle all of the contacts and interactions. While you might never see or talk to an attorney, they are always in the background. Every entity with a legal or financial interest in a real estate transaction usually has an attorney interacting on its behalf. No matter how simple the wording, each real estate document is a contract. Salt Lake City Real Estate Lawyers draft the language in a real estate agent’s representation contract. They decide what information to include in written offers, sales agreements, offer acceptances, and mortgage agreements. A Salt Lake City real estate attorney drafts contracts on behalf of realtors, mortgage companies, sometimes a buyer or seller, and any other parties with a financial interest. Each attorney makes sure that the relevant documents represent their clients’ legal and financial interests. It’s important for you to do the same.

A Real Estate Attorney in Salt Lake City Protects Your Interests

While you may have ultimate faith in your realtor, a real estate attorney brings a layer of protection to the process. As you enjoy the excitement of acquiring a new home or commercial property, your attorney keeps things running smoothly. A Salt Lake City real estate attorney protects you by making sure each document you sign reflects your best interests.

  • Reviews real estate representation contracts
  • Creates and reviews offer, sale, and transfer documents
  • Reviews mortgage contracts
  • Investigates deeds and titles
  • Resolves judgment or contractor property liens
  • Evaluates inspection issues
  • Investigates property easement issues
  • Reviews transactions for fraud or seller misrepresentation
  • Helps sellers comply with disclosure ordinances

Commercial Property Owner Services

Realtors work with commercial property owners and investors throughout the marketing and sales process. They also provide important services during their ownership. Attorneys handle tenant problems, foreclosures, and other issues that cause financial losses. As with every service, they focus on resolving issues before they become difficult to manage.

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When a series of unfortunate event's caused me to close my company, I was left with personal liability debt that I could not bear. My life had turned upside down and was forced into bankruptcy. I called Pearson Butler to get their advise and legal counsel. Fortunate for me, I was introduced to Russ Evans and his paralegal Kylie Walker. Mr. Evans is one of the best attorney's I have ever met. His knowledge of the law and his understanding that sometimes life hit's hard worked perfectly together as we discussed my unique circumstances. My case was complicated and I was deeply concerned with finding the right attorney to work through the layers of complications when closing a business. He listened with compassion, did not judge my circumstances and took the time to give me the right advise and explain my options. I have no doubt that Mr. Evans is busy, however, during out meeting he did not make me feel humiliated or embarrassed about having to claim a bankruptcy. He took the time to really listen to MY story and then asked questions for clarification in order to ensure the best possible outcome. Working with his paralegal, Kylie has been a delight as well. She is on top of her game and stays in constant contact throughout the process to make sure that everything goes smoothly and without complications. These two make a dynamic team!! If life hits you and you are forced into bankruptcy, I highly recommend you call Pearson Butler and request to work with Russ Evans and Kylie Walker. They have the expertise, experience and just the right amount of empathy to work through even the most complicated of cases.
Cynd Brown
Cynd Brown
17:06 23 Dec 19
We had the opportunity to work with Marlene Gonzalez. She was hands down AMAZING. Very informative, and always available to answer our questions. We drove all the way from Logan to meet with Marlene, and have referred a couple friends to her! Thank you Marlene for all your help.
Anna Duarte
Anna Duarte
05:56 03 Dec 19
I was fortunate to have had Jason Haymore represent me on not just one; but two separate cases. Jason is an exceptional employment attorney and his vast knowledge of law and process allowed me to bring fair action and resolve in both cases. I would highly recommend this firm.
Eddie Monson
Eddie Monson
21:41 02 Dec 19
I had the pleasure of working with Russell G Evans and I have nothing but great things to say! He’s very professional, always on time and resolved my case very fast! I was impressed with the friendliness at the offices by all the personnel as well. I’ve recommended him to my friends and family, now extending it to you all. Such a great attorney!! Thank you for being awesome Russell!!
Di Piloto Pou
Di Piloto Pou
00:14 21 Nov 19
Nice modern building, friendly staff and they seek out the best attorneys in their specific fields. They can skillfully handle almost every kind of case. Top notch talent but not stuffy. Twice today I heard an attorney tell staff to go easier on billing a client. (Maybe I shouldn't have let that slip out.) Most paralegals are very sharp too. They have good follow up systems in place and ongoing training.
Katie Shell
Katie Shell
12:37 12 Sep 19

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