Beverly Hills Bar Association’s Ninth Annual Litigation Awards Dinner

Judge Rupert Birdsong, Assistant Presiding Judge Eric Taylor, Judge Allen Webster, Judge Kelvin D. Filer, Justice Audrey B. Collins, Judge Barbara Johnson, Judge Patti Jo McKay, Judge Michael Carter and Judge Bruce E. Brodie | PHOTO CREDIT: Lee Salem
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The Beverly Hills Bar Association honored two legal stalwarts at its NinthAnnual Litigation Awards Dinner: Justice Audrey B. Collins, Associate Justice of Division Four of the Second District of the California Court of Appeal, and leading trial lawyer Kelli Sager, partner of Davis Wright Tremaine LLP. Justice Collins, noted for her outstanding public service and dedication to advancing the legal profession, received the “Ronald M. George Award for Judicial Excellence,” named for the former California Supreme Court Chief Justice.Sager,a renowned First Amendment specialist practicing media and entertainment litigation for more than 30 years, received the “Excellence in Advocacy Award,” which honors a trial lawyer whose case successes have resulted from expert legal skills, unique trial strategy and courtroom teamwork, and who also gives back to the community.   The presenters for Justice Collins were her brother Judge Bruce E. Brodie and Justice Lee Smalley EdmonSager’s presenters included Jeff Glasser, general counsel of the Los Angeles Times and San Diego Union-Tribune, Karlene GollerLaw Office of Karlene Goller PC/Jasy Vick Carolann LLP, and attorney Dan Grunfeld. 

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