What Business Development Seeds Will You Sow This Spring?

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Spring is almost here with Summer close behind. Each new season brings a sense of renewal, re-vitalization of working on our businesses, to create them as we envision. Below I have provided seven suggestions to avoid the temptation to hit the pause button on your business development activities as the warm weather bring us closer to the Summer season.

Each individual has his/her ‘go-to’ business development and marketing seeds; they are not created equal. We know that “active” in-person relationship-building action steps such as sharing a meal with a client and visiting their organization deliver a higher impact than “passive” marketing activities such as social media posts and blogs (though still important)

Considering that one of the fundamental cornerstones of a prosperous business is relationship building, consider these:

1. Get and stay connected.

Warm weather months are ideal to engage in targeted relationship-building activities in a relaxed environment. Golf and other sporting events, inviting your referral network to outdoor performances are all high impact examples of in-person activities that provide for quality relationship building and nurturing. While enjoying social gatherings, be mindful to pose a few open-ended questions to learn how you may advance the relationship by helping to solve a need.

2. Develop a marketing mindset.

To build a prosperous business, it is crucial to consider yourself a business owner. In addition, as a business owner, you must fine-tune your radar for business development opportunities, all around us. They exist everywhere, from our children’s little league fields, to our yoga classes, book clubs and neighborhood hangouts. It is the “marketing mindset” that allows us to recognize opportunity when it crosses our paths. Are you aware of the triggers for your and your network’s services? Do you proactively keep your ears open with that frame of mind? Do you approach interaction with a “service” mindset?

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3. Update marketing assets.

What is the status of your “marketing assets”? Your website profile, LinkedIn and Twitter profile pages and any other channel you may have. Are they current and consistent with one another? Request you or your assistant update your contact list so your digital communications reach the entirety of your targeted audiences of clients (active and inactive), referral sources and prospects.

4. Review and assess LinkedIn connections.

One of the benefits of LinkedIn is developing a robust online network whereby you do not leave your desk (or beach chair, as the case may be). If you approach LinkedIn relationship building in earnest, there are highly desirable contacts with whom you can connect. Building creditability among online target audiences will pay dividends over time.

5. Stay involved.

To build a prosperous business, you must become strategically involved in professional associations to which your targeted prospects belong. You must “go where they go” and make meaningful impact. Select an organization in which you are truly interested and become involved. This will increase your visibility and foster leadership appointments.

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6. Do not eat and drink alone.

To leverage your relationship-building activities, calendar in a coffee or lunch meeting weekly with a new contact to learn more about he/her and their business. Learn about their struggles, opportunities and how you may support them. Listen for common ground and nurture these relationships, adding each of them to your growing contact list.

7. Step away.

One of the top habits of successful rainmakers is stepping away to rest and allow your mind to just “be”. Studies show us that when we allow our minds to quieten, fresh ideas and solutions will present themselves.

As we look forward to the warm weather months, step in with all you have, as you sow seeds to develop a prosperous client base as well as positive health.

Here’s to prosperity and much success. Onwards and upwards.

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