Molly Wilson Chung Panelist for VESTA’s Webinar, “ABC’s of Divorce”

Talk of the Town Speaking Engagement
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BOSTON, MA—Casner & Edwards attorney Molly Wilson Chung served as a panelist on Vesta Divorce’s webinar, “ABC’s of Divorce,” on July 23, 2020. Chung provided an overview of the divorce process and covered common mistakes that people make and how to avoid them.

Chung represents a wide range of clients in complicated divorce proceedings involving custody disputes, modification, visitation, contempt, paternity and asset division. Adept at conducting complex discovery, Chung works to uncover hidden assets and income to advocate on behalf of her clients in high-conflict divorce cases. She also works with clients in mediation, acting as a neutral mediator or advisor to one party.

Vesta Divorce is an online community that helps individuals and families before, during, and after divorce. Vesta provides assistance in various aspects of the process, from finding excellent legal resources, understanding financial decisions and selling or refinancing homes, to learning effective coping strategies, co-parenting, and other areas of health and wellness. Vespa connects those going through a divorce with compassionate professionals, invaluable tools, and a supportive and caring community.


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