“It was a eureka moment. I was consulting with a client and this idea hit me. It was that moment when you know you have solved a significant problem,” said Durham personal injury attorney, Wallace Pierce. He excused himself from the meeting and dashed down to his office to jot down the idea.

After running his small firm, Wallace Pierce Law, for five years, Pierce was looking for an efficient way to grow his practice with a limited budget. “I realized traditional legal advertising seemed to be less and less effective these days,” Pierce said. “From direct mail advertising to legal listing directories, they are all as costly as they are ineffective.”

“The idea was to develop a cloud-based solution that notifies lawyers when a former client has been involved in a car accident or criminal incident; whether it is an infraction, misdemeanor or felony,” he said. “Our process is far more efficient than combing public records for direct mail or randomly calling old clients in hopes that they need additional legal services. It’s simply a matter of a phone call to a prior client at the right moment. And that moment is when they need your help again.”

In order to realize this idea, Pierce brought together a team of software developers. After months of research and development, the new software program, ClientBatch, was launched on Jan. 1. “We are dealing with a massive amount of data. Over 100,000 people are involved in traffic accidents each year and over 8 million criminal charges are issued in North Carolina alone. We have launched a system that can safely and securely manage and process this data each and every day,” Pierce said.

He drew on his own experience as the owner of a small law firm with limited time and resources in developing the software to make it easy to use. “It’s still a tool,” he said. “When you receive a match, you still have to pick up the phone and speak to your former client. You can’t sit around and wait for them to call you. And the best part is, you have worked with these clients before, they know you and hopefully trust you. Its just a matter of ensuring that they know you care and are able to help.”

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According to Pierce, there are significant benefits to using ClientBatch. First, having a prior professional relationship means picking up the phone instead of mailing out a letter, giving your practice a massive head start on the competition’s direct mail. And second, the attorney is able to rekindle that prior professional relationship with their client, who has previously trusted that lawyer with their most important legal issues.

It took Pierce and his team five months to develop ClientBatch and he tested it for seven months in advance of the launch. “Our revenue has increased significantly, we’re keeping our clients happy, and our profits have grown because we have found a way to ensure that our clients’ needs are met the minute they have them,” said Pierce.

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