An Interview With Clint Fontaine Of Mountain View Funeral Home And Cemetery

Clint Fontaine
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Clint Fontaine is a professional salesperson for Mountain View Funeral and Cemetery in Mesa, Arizona. Having over 15 years of experience in this industry, Fontaine is uniquely qualified to help anyone who is interested in finding the best solution for their end of life needs. Today there are so many options for this. Fontaine can give you a perspective on how to go about this very important need you might not have considered. The questions below will give you more insight into Fontaine, and why he does what he does.

Q: Why did I choose the funeral industry as a second career in my life?

A: My first wife died unexpectedly when I was younger. I really was not prepared for all the issues, both financial and emotional that resulted from that. And when my father-in-law passed, his military honors were dropped from his funeral. This led me to a desire to want to help other families get through the emotional and financial stress of dealing with their loved ones passing.

Q: Why do you feel having a memorial garden is an important family asset in your opinion?

A: I personally chose a memorial garden for my family, so I will always have a place to reflect on my time with them, and honor their memory. It has been a place of great comfort for me.

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Q: How do family memorials help the well-being of the entire family?

A: A memorial garden is a small community of family unto itself. A place for family to gather, friends to gather and people who here-to-for have never met, to form friendships, and yes, in some cases even relationships. Family memorials lend themselves to all kind of experiences. People should not be reluctant to have one.

Q: Why do you believe that the funeral is so important?

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A: We all need to heal after the loss of a loved one, just as we need to heal after any other trauma. Preparing the deceased person’s body for either interment or cremation is the final physical treatment for that person. Knowing this process is carried out with professionalism and caring helps begin the healing process for the family.

Q: How does your personal experience benefit what you do?

A: I did not begin this journey until age 55 when I retired from one career and wanted to continue making a difference. I feel that whatever I did or accomplished up to this point in my life prepared me to truly help the people I work with during the difficult times of their lives. I have great empathy for them as I have experienced loss of a loved one myself.

Q: What advice would you give concerning funerals and final needs?

A: The saddest part of my job is when someone calls for an immediate need interment and nothing has been pre-arranged. No Last Will and Testament or no funeral arrangements. Not planning for end of life adds so much stress to the family left behind, both emotionally and legally. I really feel sad for families that have to plan after the death of a loved one, which is one of the most difficult times to have to make critical decisions. We all will pass, plan for it.

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