CMBA President Ian Friedman Speaks at “I Can’t Breathe” Rally

Ian Friedman at I Can't Breathe rally
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CLEVELAND, OH—On May 30, Cleveland Metro Bar Association President Ian Friedman spoke at the “I Can’t Breathe” Rally. The rally drew thousands of participants in person, and countless more via social media.

As an invited speaker, Friedman shared how watching Mr. Floyd’s death has shown us clearly that racism and acts of violence targeted against people of color cannot continue to go unchallenged or unpunished. “There is no longer a sideline to stand on. If you choose to remain silent from this moment forward you are complicit. You are responsible in part should another life be taken merely because of the color of one’s skin.”

Watch his full statement at the rally filmed by Brandon Peck and supplied by the Cleveland Metro Bar Association.

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