Content Trends Law Firms Need to Watch in 2020

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When it comes to marketing and SEO, content is king, and 2020 has a number of innovative trends in store for us. We’re moving into a marketing era in which our technically brilliant marketing content is not only more useful for users but is also better aligned with their personal preferences and search goals. Content marketing has lost its experimental status and now has established itself as a branding and outreach powerhouse. Here are some of the content trends you can expect to see in 2020.

E-A-T It Up

Google recently published a Webmaster Central blog strongly recommending that content marketers not only read but also understand the Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines and E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness). Search Quality Rater Guidelines refers to Google’s guidelines for raters who harness the data that lead to informative content reviews. Content marketers should be focusing on establishing E-A-T, which means that content to be not only relatable and relevant but also reliable. When Google makes a point to highlight a content hint, it’s wise to pay attention. 


The best content will exude authority and verifiable expertise – as it garners our customers’ trust. This is particularly true for sites that deal with issues that could affect your money or your life, such as those providing legal, medical, or financial advice. It is for this reason that specialist content marketers and legal content writers have enjoyed significant growth in recent years.

Content Tailored to Voice Search

As smart devices and smart-home voice assistants grow more ubiquitous, expect to see a rise of content narrowly tailored to be responsive to voice search. More than a quarter of adults now own a smart speaker, and Juniper Research estimates that there will be 8 billion voice assistants in use by 2023. To take advantage of this trend, content marketers should consider the nuances between the way consumers conduct text and voice searches. In addition, marketers should consider how the information they glean from observing consumer voice searches can inform their future content creation.

Look for More Sophisticated Visuals

Consumers are moved by visuals, and highlighting visuals in all forms of content will continue into 2020. Whatever the topic, content marketers are embracing the magic of dynamic and interactive imagery, and it makes sense. Today’s youth remains entranced by social media, including the ever-popular Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Content marketing on social media is driving interesting and innovative visuals for 2020. For example:

  • Data visualizations like graphs and charts are an excellent way to get eyes on your content and brand. Online tools like ChartGo and Google Charts can help marketers create eye-catching data visualizations in minutes.
  • Eye-catching visuals can result in significant interaction on social media. Some ideas including showing “behind the scenes” pictures, showing your service or product in action, or personalize your brand by showcasing team members or leadership. 
  • It is also now within your power to create GIFs from your own personal library of videos through Giphy. Why look to movies and shows to express yourself in GIF form, when you can GIF yourself.

For 2020, dynamic, interactive, and original in-content imagery is heating up for brand-savvy marketers.

Look for More Video Content

Video was big in 2019, and it’s not going away anytime soon. YouTube’s social media social dominance points to continuing growth for video content and visual storytelling for content marketers. According to Statista, 85 percent of all internet users in the United States view video content across their devices on a monthly basis. And according to HubSpot’s research, there is a consistent preference across all age groups (starting at 18) for video content.

While video content is obviously a content channel that all businesses should pursue, what separates the hot from the not comes down to storytelling – and this is true across all mediums (visuals, videos, audio, and text). Your story matters. While razzle-dazzle is great, without a purposeful, powerful story, it’s unlikely to connect with consumers and drive purchasing behavior.

Content Will Stay King

No matter how beautiful your visuals and design, without meaningful and compelling content, all you have are beautiful visuals and design. While these are certainly important to user experience, they do little to build brand loyalty. Providing cogent, trustworthy content is far more important than your promotional messaging. In other words, bring your content A-game every time, which includes:

  • Quality writing that addresses your target audience’s concerns and that is consistent in tone, style, and voice across your brand
  • Quality research that incorporates the most current stats and is pulled from the most reputable sources.

Content that Targets Consumers with Pinpoint Accuracy

It’s clear that you should be focusing on content, but it’s also important to remember to address potential customers’ needs. Great content without focus is like shouting into the wind; if it’s not what your customers are looking for, it’s not doing you any favors. In fact, putting your customers’ needs before your need to blast sales rhetoric is an essential and obvious key to success. The best content marketers implicitly understand that it’s not about quid pro quo; it’s all about offering your customers what they’re looking for – when they need it – without a catch. 

Here’s to Content in 2020

Content marketing is here to stay, tapping into 2020’s prevailing trends is critical to staying relevant. Look to content marketers to push the limits of content creation and develop new, innovative techniques to connect with users. When it comes to content, we’re going for visuals, videos, stellar storytelling, and authoritative content that’s customer-focused. If you hit these marks, you’ll be all over 2020. 

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