Criminal Record Checks in Canada

criminal record
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For the last 15 years, the Background Criminal Companies have provided National Criminal Checks. Prior to this, the police with the authority of the candidate and the government issued identification and performed these checks. The results confirmed if a person was clear or not clear of criminal records. Later, the police were tasked with the responsibility of providing the criminal convictions, such as the place the offence took place, the nature of the offence, the date of conviction and the sentence executed. This information is supposed to match with the person’s date of birth and name.

What Does CPIC Mean?     

This is the national database system. CPIC stands for Canadian Police Information Center and it is managed by the RCMP. The police use this database to store information and criminal records. The only people with the authority to access this information are the police, some government department and agencies with permission from the police department.

What Does The Criminal Search Entail?

The criminal record search of a person is done by comparing with the date of birth and the name of that person. This information is checked against the Criminal Names Index, which bears all convictions against the fingerprints on the file. The fingerprints are taken during the arrest and it is only done to criminal indictable offences. Criminal offences in Canada are categorized as Summary conviction, hybrid and indictable offences.

The Change of Events

In 2010, the RCPM was required to provide the audit of the police who were doing the criminal background check from the CPIC database. Following this audit report, the policies and the regulations concerning the CPIC database were allowed to be accessed by the other companies. These investigating companies have an investigation hotline where you can reach them. There were some regulations that were put into place to guide these companies how they would conduct the searches and what kind of information will be given out. Some of these guidelines are:

  • The third party companies are not allowed to search into sensitive or vulnerable information. Only authorized individuals or companies can search through this sector of information. Such information includes the pardoned sexual offences.
  • There should be a signed and a witnessed consent form to conduct the search for the Criminal Record check. The witness should have two copies of Government issued identity cards. This is for comparing with the information on the records and the applicants signature.

After a successful Criminal Record Check, the applicant should fill a Self-Declaration form. The police will check the database to confirm that the applicant does not have any other criminal offence and that the forms are correct. This is confirmed by the use of fingerprints.

What is the Enhanced Criminal Search?

This an additional service on the regular criminal record search. It involves searching the Police Information Portal, the Niche RMS system and the Firearm Interest Police. This search might be undertaken when the search of the regular criminal record search using fingerprints is taking too long. After the criminal search, the police will compare the results with your name and date of birth with the CPIC database. If there are matches, it will indicate ‘Not Clear’ and vice versa.


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