Dallas Attorney Invited to Prestigious Colorado CHAMP Initiative

F. John Podvin, Jr.
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DALLAS, TX—Dallas attorney F. John Podvin, Jr. has been invited to a select statewide stakeholder group in Colorado under an initiative known as the Colorado Hemp Advancement and Management Plan or “CHAMP.” Podvin is a partner at Shapiro Bieging Barber Otteson LLP.

Under the CHAMP initiative stakeholders, in eight stakeholder groups, are charged with establishing a comprehensive blueprint for how Colorado will manage and advance the emerging hemp industry by examining the entire supply chain from cultivation to market, and the steps in between. Stakeholders were selected from a pool of more than 200 applicants from the private sector, state, local and tribal agencies, and institutions of higher education.

Podvin will serve on the Banking and Insurance stakeholder group which is scheduled to hold three meetings in Denver in October, November and December, 2019.

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