Dealing with Discrimination: Tips for Employees

dealing with discrimination
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Going to work every day and having to face discrimination is not easy to do. Facing that person and knowing what they have done, insinuated or said to you might make you want to do something drastic and retaliatory against them. Don’t do it. There are other ways to deal with this situation that will not put you in the wrong. But don’t keep quiet either, don’t swallow what happened and keep acting as if nothing did. You know that if you stay quiet, you will eventually have to quit because you are not able to stand the ongoing harassment and actions that make you so uncomfortable. Here are some tips as to what to do if you have experienced discrimination at work:

Is there an anti-discrimination policy?

Find out if there is a handbook or manual where you work. There may already be procedures in place. Get a copy of this handbook, read it and understand it. Familiarize yourself as well with federal laws regarding discrimination. It is important to know your rights.

Keep a written record of everything that happens

It’s important for you to be able to accurately report what has happened. Keep track of the incident(s), their location, time and date. Note also if anyone else was around and saw what happened. This information will come in handy when the time comes for you to file a charge or report the incident to your employer.

Report what happened to your employer

Armed with the above information, let your employer know what has happened. You may even be able to do so following specific procedures that are already in place. And even in the case where no such procedures exist, your employer needs to be made aware of what goes on in the workplace. If your own boss or supervisor is the one that has harmed you or discriminated against you in any way, report them to the human resources department.

If you have doubts as to whether you should do this, if you think it might be easier for you to quit and put some distance between you and what happened, think about the consequences of leaving this person free to continue acting this way towards other employees.

Make it clear that you take this matter very seriously

Ask that a written report be made detailing the discrimination or harassment. Ask also that corrective or disciplinary actions be taken against whoever is acting that way. The law dictates that your employer needs to consider all reports and act on them quickly.

Act in a timely fashion

If you feel like you need to take further action, you should be aware that there is a limited amount of time for you to file a claim with your local or state fair employment practices agency or with the EEOC. If you take too long to file a complaint, your case may be dismissed. Gather the evidence you have collected and file your claim.

Don’t feel intimidated by discrimination and decide to turn a blind eye to it. Get the help of an experienced discrimination lawyer to help you succeed with your case. Lawyer Keith M. Stern is ready to listen to you. He will take you seriously and help you every step of the way. Schedule an appointment today.

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