DiGiovanni Presents Graduate Student Bargaining to AAPA Members

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BOSTON, MA—Morgan, Brown & Joy attorney Nicholas DiGiovanni recently participated in a virtual panel discussion, sponsored by the Academy for Academic Personnel Administrators (AAPA). DiGiovanni’s topic, “Graduate Student Bargaining,” covered the recent Harvard University negotiations with their graduate student union. DiGiovanni was the chief negotiator for Harvard in those negotiations. The event was open to AAPA members only and replaced their annual conference.

DiGiovanni brings over four decades of experience to his diverse clientele and has handled cases and issues in virtually all aspects of labor and employment law. Over the course of his illustrious career, DiGiovanni developed a particular niche in labor and employment matters affecting colleges and universities, focusing especially on collective bargaining with faculty, staff and graduate student unions, proceedings before state and federal labor board agencies, arbitration cases, advice on union organizing, and management training. For example, he successfully litigated at the National Labor Relations Board the managerial status of full time faculty members at Tufts University Medical School and Elmira College under the standards of the Supreme Court’s Yeshiva University case. He has also negotiated dozens of initial and successor faculty, staff and graduate student collective bargaining agreements at both public and private institutions, including community colleges, private four year institutions and R1 Doctoral research universities. As a result, he is one of the foremost authorities on higher education labor relations in the country and represents many institutions of higher education around the Northeastern region of the country.


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