5 Savvy Digital Marketing Tips for Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

Lawyers sometimes lose themselves in pursuit of new clients that they forget their existing ones also deserve the same kind of attention. What they don’t realize is that they are making a grave mistake. In fact, it is their existing clients who should be their number one priority. Marketing professional services can be difficult more so when it involves new networks. This is why it’s important for a lawyer to utilize their existing clients and get referrals.

However, you can only get referrals if you take care of your existing clients. Here are some tips for you to grow your practice.
Invest in a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

The only way you can know if you are doing right by your old networks is by being systematic and organized. You’re in luck because technology has already made it easy for you through a CRM system. With this system you will be able to analyze your customer relationships and fill whatever gaps you find after the end of the designated period.

Maintain contact.

To grow your practice, you need to market yourself so hard that if anything in your area of practice comes up, you’re the first person they think of. This can only happen if you keep in touch with your clients. You don’t have to go overboard with weekly lunches or daily calls. It could be as simple as a personalized email or a short conversation if you bump into them.

Keep them posted on their referrals.

If a client’s friend needed a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer and they referred them to you, it is courteous to keep them informed. You don’t have to divulge the specifics, you could just inform them on the general progress. That way, if someone else ever needs a lawyer, you will be the first person they call.

Often show your clients appreciation.

You first have to find out if your state allows gifts for such referrals. The appreciation could be inform of referral fees or as simple as a handwritten card accompanied by a bottle of wine. Take caution when gifting clients because you don’t want it to seem like you are bribing them for more clients. The gift should portray a genuine gesture of appreciation.
Add a personal touch.

In this digital era, it is so easy to let technology take care of everything. This is definitely easy but not always effective. Nothing is more annoying than automated emails or calls. Go out of your ways and personalize some things; hand write that card, draft that email and make that call once in a while. You will be surprised at how effective this can be.

Do you want to effectively market your practice?

It is as simple as striking the right balance between technology and personal. Use technology to your advantage by incorporating a personal touch. You should also avoid getting carried away by new clients at the expense of your existing ones. Remember that your old network may be the key to you having more clients through their referrals.

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