Do I Need a Lawyer for My Car Accident in Asheville?

Woman driving away from accident in Asheville questioning if she should get a lawyer
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Whether you need a lawyer after having been in an auto accident that was not your fault depends on how bad the accident was. If you have any injuries that are significant, you should talk with a Car Accident Law Firm in Asheville, NC.

Sometimes there are multiple insurance agencies involved if there is a multi-car collision. In those cases, it can get complicated fast, and it might be good to consult with a lawyer.

The insurance companies for the at-fault driver want to pay as little as possible and will look for ways to give you less money. The same is true for their claim adjusters. Their job is to reduce the amount the company will have to pay.

The insurance companies also have lawyers who know the law very well and know how to tweak loopholes to best suit their clients. That is the main reason you need a lawyer. You need someone on your side who knows the law as well or better than they do. You need someone that will negotiate with your best interests in mind.

No matter how nice they act, keep in mind that the insurance companies want to pay as little as possible and they are not on your side.

If the accident was minor and the at-fault driver’s insurance company is willing to pay for damages, you do not need a lawyer.

If the other driver’s insurance company is trying to blame you for the accident, you will likely need a lawyer even with only damage to the car. Your attorney can investigate and make a case for why the accident was the other driver’s fault. It is never a good idea to try to handle a contested claim without a lawyer.

If your injury is more than a sprain or bruise, you may need a lawyer. Smaller claims involve less money and there are often no disputes, so you may not need one in that case. The more bills you have, the more money you will be dealing with. As the costs go higher, the insurance companies get agitated and try to start saving money. That is when you need a lawyer most. In general, if you have more than $5,000 in medical bills, you should get a lawyer.

If you have had a serious accident and have major injuries, a good personal injury lawyer can help you every step of the way. They can help establish fault initially and then can help with getting creditors off your back.

A lawyer can also negotiate with hospitals and people sending you bills, to get them to wait until the settlement is over. That can get them to stop harassing you as you recover.

If your injuries are permanent in nature, or if your injuries alter the rest of your life, you will need an attorney. Negotiating can be difficult. The insurance companies will be trying to save money, and have lawyers helping them. You need a lawyer familiar with this type of case and who can negotiate a fair settlement.

Medical expenses and lost wages are relatively easy to determine. It is just a matter of adding it up, and not letting the insurance companies deny any of it. You may also be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, future wages, and other things. That is where it is not as black and white and you definitely need a lawyer on your side.

A lawyer can also help you determine what your case is worth, and that could have an impact on whether the attorney takes the case.  Your case starts with the initial consultation with an attorney. The attorney will go over the details of your case and get an idea of what is possible. If it is minor in nature, he may advise you to go settle it yourself.

The attorney gets paid only if he wins, or if a settlement is reached. It is not in the best interest of the attorney to encourage you to file a suit if he or she does not believe there is a solid chance of winning.

The attorney can help you determine what your case is worth, or what you could get as a settlement. If your case is likely to generate a small amount, you might end up with the same amount with or without a lawyer if one’s fees are taken out. Many cases have the potential for big settlements and those are the ones lawyers want most. Individual cases can be very different.

The amount of medical expenses may or may not reflect the seriousness of the case. You could have a lot of medical expenses with a broken leg, for example, but that will heal and you will be completely better at some point.  There could be a lot of expenses with tests that determine you are not injured. Another possibility would be something like losing a hand, but your expenses not being as much as the other two. Regardless of what the expenses are in those three cases, they are obviously worth different amounts.

When you go to talk with an attorney, you might need to shop around a little. Don’t just take the first one you talk to unless you feel really good about how you will be represented.

When you talk with an attorney, the attorney is interviewing you to see if the case is worth taking. You are also interviewing the attorney to see if that person is the one you want to handle your case.

One thing to consider is whether the attorney has taken cases to court recently. Most cases are settled out of court, but if the insurance companies will not make a reasonable offer, you may have to go to court. The insurance companies know the lawyers, and they know who is likely to go all the way to court and who is likely to encourage their client to settle. That will affect what they offer and will affect your settlement significantly.

The size of the law office should also be a concern, but to some extent, it depends on your preference. There are two sides to this. A big law firm that handles a lot of cases may try to just get them out the door, and settle as quickly as they can. In that situation, they are not going to fight for you. The bigger firm also has more assets at its disposal to work on your case.

You may get more personal attention with a small law firm, and that one is not as likely to be trying to get as many cases as possible out the door.

If you believe they will work hard on your case and will go to court if need be, the size of the firm would just be your preference.

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