Do You Need an IRS Tax Attorney?

Federal Tax Prosecutions

Tax troubles are always an unpleasant problem for any person. Besides, tax legislation has a huge number of nuances and is constantly changing and supplemented, which leads to disputes and errors. So you may have a lack of experience or knowledge to independently resolve the issue. In this case, you should consider using the help of a professional IRS tax attorney. But to make the right choice of a lawyer, you need to know what tasks he can solve and what parameters to be guided in the search. Firstly, let’s see who is he and what kind of work he can do.

Who is the IRS attorney and what are his main tasks?

A tax lawyer is primarily an educated professional who works with tax laws to help resolve tax disputes. An IRS attorney is needed not only to fix problems but also to prevent them. If you are planning your business, you most likely need to consult a professional, especially if you do not have enough experience in this field. For a young company (and not only) it is important to minimize spends not to “sink” at its start. For example, should you pay taxes or only report your profit in a business of S-Corp type or it’s better to choose C-Corp? What benefits will you get if you register your business as an LLC? After all, it’s not that easy to find out all the information yourself with no mistakes. Without proper education and experience, you simply can’t physically learn about all the pitfalls so you will spend much more time without achieving the goal alone. A tax attorney will help you to cope with the following task:

  • Consultation in the field of tax legislation;
  • Business optimization or assistance in its planning;
  • Representation of your interests in court;
  • Preparation for the audit and control of its implementation;
  • Obtaining a loan, getting government payments or installment plans for fines;
  • Inheritance issues;
  • Support for communication with the IRS;  

When to hire him?

Although a tax attorney is a narrow specialist, situations require his intervention. Below are some common ones:

  • The court charges you with tax evasion or fraud;
  • Unlawful actions from IRS employees have been applied to you;
  • IRS ignores your letters;
  • Your property or assets were arrested;
  • You need to make a will and allocate the related expenses;

What are the criteria for a good specialist?

In addition to the diploma of education, you should be interested in his professional experience. Of course, you can take a person who recently graduated from the university and is well-versed in all matters theoretically, but without practice, the chances of success are more likely to decrease. Be sure to check his state license and recommendation. It also won’t be superfluous to ask him about the success of his previous cases, similar to yours, in more detail, ask him about his vision of your problem and the chances of a successful outcome. Tax laws are subject to change, therefore, a lawyer must be kept abreast of developments and continue to learn to update the license.

Another important criterion for a good lawyer is his attitude to the client. A professional always behaves with restraint, understands the issue and can always hold a personal consultation for you. You should think about changing an attorney if he is not involved in solving your problem personally, but gives everything to his assistants. The high cost of services does not always guarantee competence and success. 

 Let’s move on to the conclusions.

If you have your own reliable and trusted attorney, you can always have help in any unforeseen situation. You will also always be protected by an educated person who will be able to represent your interests in case of problems or audit. After all, a tax attorney can be either an option or a forced decision for you. Decide whether the situation requires the intervention of a lawyer or, if it is not a big sum of money, maybe you can solve the problem yourself? Tax attorneys know the law and will help you deal with the IRS. But remember that for the services a lawyer can take even $500 per hour. Do not get involved in scammers who require an advance payment, but in the end, they have no decision to your problem.

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