Effective Law Firm Marketing Strategies for 2016

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Have you taken the time to put together a strategic marketing plan for 2016? I am sure you have heard the famous quote, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Don’t be left behind as your competitors get the upper hand. Follow the below strategies to ensure you have a successful 2016 for your legal practice:

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Make Sure You Have a Website

Your website represents the front door to your office. A well-designed website allows you to showcase your expertise and experience. It may be time to ask yourself if your website needs a refresh. Does it represent your law firm’s brand and messaging? Is it a mobile friendly and responsive website that adapts to all mobile devices and models of iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and Android phones? If you are not sure if your website is responsive on all devices, you can test it by using the Google mobile friendly test by entering your website domain.

Have a Plan for Generating Traffic to Your Website

Having a website is no longer enough. In order for potential clients to find you and contact you, it is important to generate consistent traffic to your website. Some modern methods include blogging, press releases, Facebook advertising and podcasting. Other traditional methods include SEO, PPC, remarketing, display advertising and directory listings.

Maintain a Blog on Your Website

Blogging is one of the most effective SEO techniques in the legal industry. Not only does it build credibility and grow your fan base, but blogging has major SEO power. The key to successful blogging is making sure that you have a content marketing strategy that yields interesting content and is also written strategically for SEO purposes. The more blog content you produce and the longer duration that you blog for generates a page one ranking on Google multiple times.

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Incorporate Video into Your Marketing Strategy

Why is video marketing so effective? Video increases consumer emails by 127 percent and profile views by 169 percent. Video marketing is one of the quickest ways to rank on page one of the search engines. Be sure to follow standard guidelines to ensure that your video is optimized for high ranking. Another advantage of video is the ability to instantly connect with your audience and build that trust factor.

Work Your Connections

Your connections are your most valuable asset. Make sure that you are reaching out to attorneys who do not practice the same niche as you do and partner together on referrals. Go to networking events held by your local bar association and attend lawyer focused events and seminars to increase the number of connections you have. The best part about this type of marketing strategy is that it doesn’t cost you money (except a small entrance fee to the event).

Write Down Your Business Goals for 2016

Once you write down your goals, reverse engineer them. If your goal is to double your law firm revenue, take that number and divide it by the number of months left for the year. Once you have an idea of how much revenue you would need to bring in monthly, you can analyze your statistics from 2015 to determine your closing ratio. You can also look at your total marketing investment and that should give you an idea of what your return on investment was and what it will take to double your revenue. A good resource for setting and accomplishing your No. 1 goal in 100 days is “The Freedom Journal” by John Lee Dumas. Accountability is critical and by journaling everyday, it will help keep you accountable on a daily basis.

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Join an Association

Join a professional association that gives you the opportunity to meet professionals from various industries. Become involved in the leadership if you can, it is a great way to build powerful relationships and can lead to new opportunities. Yes, this does require a time commitment, however, the business relationships and connections that you will make along the way will continue to have a positive impact on your practice for years to come.

Find a Speaking Engagement

Speaking at a seminar, event or for a particular trade organization is an excellent way to showcase your legal expertise. Dimple Dang

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