Emily Goodman: Sing A Song of Workers’ Compensation

Emily Goodman
Emily Goodman

“I was attracted to the complex analytical skills that are required to be a successful lawyer,” said Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog workers’ compensation attorney Emily Goodman. She joined the firm as an associate attorney in 2012.

Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog has a well-established workers’ compensation defense practice that provides legal services for insurance carriers and the North Carolina employers they cover.

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“I work with a group of attorneys with extensive experience in workers’ compensation law. They know the history of the practice in North Carolina and how it has changed over time,” Goodman said. “Understanding this evolution helps me serve my clients more effectively.

“I have run the gamut on the types of employers I’ve represented, from national companies to locally-owned, familyrun businesses,” Goodman continued.

“Many companies try to manage claims in-house until they reach the point of litigation; that’s when they call us in,” Goodman continued. “I aim for an individualized approach and analyze each case on its merits, whether it’s a simple ankle sprain or a more catastrophic injury. I’m not the kind of attorney who tries to apply a bunch of rules unnecessarily. I like to do things with integrity and kindness when possible.”

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Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog recently introduced a workers’ compensation micro- site for their clients, www.cshworkerscomp.com. “I’ve been able to help our clients make great use of the micro-site. They can use it to get updates on their cases and use its full range of calculators.”

I Sang in my Crib Emily Goodman’s trip to the bar was not a direct flight.

“My mother says I sang in my crib, but my real involvement in music began with church choir at age 4,” said Goodman. She competed in high school and college choirs and majored in music at Rhodes College in Memphis where she was the music director of the school’s a cappella group.

As a classically trained soprano, Goodman began working on a master’s degree in early music performance at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “Halfway through the program I decided to refocus my efforts and I began studying for the LSAT,” said Goodman.

“Ultimately, I have found a lot of similarities between the music and the law. Music taught me a lot of discipline, and I certainly think that comes into play with what I do as an attorney. I also think that the hundreds of performances I was in certainly helped me hone my craft as a litigator and the showmanship that comes with being an attorney. I imagine I’m a lot more comfortable in the courtroom.

“My work as a vocalist instilled in me a great love and respect for language, both English and otherwise,” she continued. “This exposure aids me every day as an attorney, as I am constantly seeking the perfect sentence, phrase or word to properly express my arguments.”

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