Equifax Data Breach Settlement: How to Know If You Are Eligible to File a Claim

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In this age of cyber immersion, a few aggravating issues may be in attendance. People’s information is being broken into on the regular, and it seems as if no amount of firewalls can manage to keep the intruders outside once and for all. Even though, largely, the problem is in the fact that others may have access to your personal information, the issue many must be deeply angry with is not ever knowing who. However, if you were to ask me, what you should find worrying the most is not knowing who you can trust anymore. Well, it’s definitely not just the people with vested interest in accessing your personal information for whatever diabolical use they have in mind, but to even lose trust in the companies and their falsely advertised security is a bit scary. Surely having to deal with the anxiety alone should have you made eligible for a claim. Here is how you can know.

About the Data Breach Settlement 

It’s no secret that the Equifax incident was one that had hit more than half of all Americans, making it one of the largest in history. This credit bureau, which tracks the credit history of borrowers for reasons of generating a credit report and credit score, had left all of its trusting consumers compromised. The scandal could potentially prompt identity theft to increase.

Due to the damages the breach did, over $500 million in compensation has been distributed to the victims of this mishap. The professionals of the Kansas City Business Journal informs of a lawyer that goes by the name of Stueve Siegel to have played a leading role in the class action suit against the credit bureau. Stating further that because of the sensitive information that was leaked, which includes the customer’s social security number, credit card numbers and driving license information, the company is set to spend over $1billion on its security measures across the next 5 years. 

Find out if You’re Eligible 

There are ways to find out if you’re eligible, so that you may then file for a claim. These include:

Identity Theft

Well, the obvious one is the involuntary sponsoring of a person’s life via credit card. So if you were subjected to identity theft, then your claim is as good as any and you would certainly be found eligible. It would be wise to keep an eye out for any funny transactions made from your account.

Look up to see if your information was exposed

A basic need to file for a claim would be to see if your information was exposed at all. Equifax has a link which you can go to and see if you were actually impacted by the scandal. All you have to do is put in the last 4 digits of your social security number, your last name and you’re in. 

See how you might’ve been affected

Having your information exposed isn’t the only way you can file for a settlement. By having spent any money at all because of the breach you would become eligible for a claim. Equifax will compensate you through the type of payment you choose.

After finding out about your eligibility status, head to the link to file for your claim. You can file for either, reimbursement for your time or money, although you must know that it could take long. Just put in your information and wait to hear back, hopefully with the good news. Equifax has ensured that the process is quick and easy in filing for a claim in this isolated incident.


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