Everything That You Need To Know About Pardons In Canada

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A pardon allows people convicted of any criminal offense to be given the opportunity of getting their records kept apart and separate from other kinds of currently active criminal-records. Note that any person is only eligible for a pardon if they have fully completed their entire sentence as well as shown that they are responsible law-abiding citizens.

But note that due to a bill passed in 2012, what many people are looking for record suspensions instead of a pardon. Yet, both of them are not different. The effect that they have is the same. Know that if you can successfully apply for your record suspension then it will exactly be the same in case of a pardon.

If you want to apply for pardon then there are a lot of questions that must be swirling around in your head. Here you will get an answer to some of the most commonly asked ones. Note that for simplicity’s sake, the term record suspension and pardon are interchangeable here.

Where to apply to get this pardon?

If you want to apply for pardon then you will have to approach the esteemed National Pardon-Center. You can carry out your pardon applications in Canada online or you can opt to talk with an experienced counsellor there. You don’t need an appointment for talking to the counsellor. Just come by any day to the walk-in-center. You can come to any of them.

How much time will you need to get your pardon?

Be prepared to wait for a long time. For a long time, we mean half a year to even a full year. This is the time that’s taken by the well known National Pardon-Center. The entire period is inclusive of the time taken to fully complete all the steps needed in government paperwork.

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But don’t get discouraged by this. In truth, there is no guarantee for the time frame. Your pardon might get processed faster. But be also prepared for the possibility that it might take a lot of time. As such it’s better if you keep a year as the standard period. Do keep in mind that serious charges are bound to take more time. Also, there are some courts where getting information is very difficult. So the location plays an important role as well.

What will it cost you?

Let’s begin by saying that it will indeed cost you a lot. Pardon applications in Canada will cost you around $800 and that’s excluding taxes. Do note that this cost is inclusive of the fingerprinting services as well as the court documents that you will need.

But that’s not all. You will also need to incur additional expenses as well. Note that you will have to pay around $630 to the esteemed Parole boards, $50 to the local police, and more. Overall, it’s advised that you keep aside around $1500-$2000 for the entire pardon business.

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After what period can you apply for a pardon?

This is one of the very first questions that’s asked when it comes to pardons. Everyone wants to know the period after which they can apply. The answer is that this eligibility is a little confusing. After all, multiple criteria have to be considered. Some of the most important changes are related to the location, time, and security of it. If you are confused about your eligibility then it’s highly advised that you consult a counsellor. They will advise you to their best ability and the entire process will be made much smoother by them.

Is it possible to get pardon done quicker?

Keep in mind that pardon applications in Canada do take time. So be wary of any agency that’s offering any quick pardon facilities or services for more money. Note that no one controls the government bodies that are involved in getting the pardon application processed faster.

How can you apply for pardons in Canada?

Pardons will be granted to you and anyone by the Canadian Parole board. To even apply for this pardon you will need to meet some very specific criteria. These are set by the above-mentioned Parole board. Note that there are three ways you will be able to get this done.

  • Individual: Know that you will indeed be able to make and process your pardon application. You don’t necessarily need to hire anyone else. But do note that there’s only one step which you won’t be able to do by yourself. This is the fingerprinting step. Just for this step, you do need to hire a third-party that has been accredited. Only such accredited agencies are allowed to handle such a step for you.
  • Agency: You can hire an agency that specializes in such pardon processes and applications. They will make the process easier for you and help you every step of the way. But note that you will have to pay these agencies for handling your matter.
  • Lawyer: You can get hired to carry out the application process for you. Do note that having any kind of law degree isn’t necessary to process applications for pardons in Canada. But it certainly makes things easier also knowing Canadian law will allow them to guide you thoroughly through the entire process. Note that you will also have to pay a lawyer to help you out as well.

Overall, the entire pardon application is time-consuming and after a while, even you will feel harrowed. But it’s advised that you don’t break down and instead be patient and get the recommended documents. Having the correct documents and attending the court dates will make the entire process easier and faster.

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