Experience To Look for in A Legal SEO Agency before Hiring Them for Your Law Firm

Law Firm Hiring a Legal SEO Agency to grow their practice
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When done properly, search engine optimization, or SEO, can put the spotlight on your brand and direct potential customers your way. You need an experienced SEO agency at the wheel, however, or you risk ending up way off course. But what level of experience is enough for true success in the SEO world? Here’s what you need to look for when deciding which legal SEO agency to put in charge of the SEO marketing for your law firm.

Many Years of Experience

A great team has years of experience working as an SEO agency and achieving excellent results for their clients. As a result of their time in the industry, they should have a list of past clients a mile long that have benefited from their search engine optimization skills for years. They should serve law firms big and small, allowing them to create a diverse skillset.

In serving all their clients, agencies should have experience using effective tools to achieve their key objectives. There are dozens of tools available for every SEO task, so they cannot use all of them. But they should have their own preferred digital toolkit and know how to use each platform to the fullest.

Niche Focus on Your Industry

A niche focus allows SEO agencies to truly understand what your law firm needs to stand out from the crowd. To get that level of service, you’ll want to only look for law marketing agencies instead of companies serving businesses across many industries.

By doing that, you can rest assured that the agency will tailor its SEO strategy to the unique needs of your law firm. They’ll be prepared to change their approach to match the size, focus, and goals of your law firm rather than trying to enact a one-size-fits-all solution.

History of Keeping Up with Trends

Google regularly changes its algorithm in a never-ending effort to improve its search results. As they do that, search engine optimization agencies must change their tactics to best align with the guidelines. If they don’t, their efforts will undoubtedly fall flat, causing their clients’ search rankings to go into a freefall.

To avoid that, you need an SEO agency that watches for rule changes and adjusts its approach to match. They should revisit their tactics on a monthly basis at least, so they can keep your web page ranking as high as possible always. They should also keep all their clients well informed about the changes by sending out detailed reports on a set schedule.

Ability to Create A Strategic Legal SEO Plan

Gone are the days of simply stuffing keywords at precise locations in the text. Nowadays, ranking high on Google means paying close attention to the user experience.

Larry Wright Advertising

Whenever they visit your law firm’s website, potential clients need to have all their questions answered in full and get help deciding what to do next. Otherwise, they may feel lost and confused, resulting in them going to your competitors for the answers.

To ensure clients get what they need from your site, the SEO agency you hire needs to have experience creating strategic SEO plans built with the clients’ needs in mind. Their plan needs to revolve around both the on- and off-page search engine optimization elements to achieve the best results.

Willing To Go Beyond SEO Alone

While searching for the perfect SEO agency for your law firm, look for signs that they have a diverse skill set that goes beyond search engine optimization alone. Many marketing programs demand a multi-faceted approach, after all.

So, they should know PPC and other surefire tactics that allow them to promote the success of all their clients. Don’t forget to ask about linking your SEO efforts with social media marketing as well.

You need to meet your clients where they’re at to answer all their questions and resolve their concerns before your competitors can. If you don’t, then you can bet that people in need of legal services will continue their online search until they find someone who can offer the support they need.

Reputation for Quality Service

Working for years as a law firm marketing agency means nothing if the company doesn’t have reviews to back it up. When clients have a fantastic experience with their agency, they should be willing to sing their praises far and wide. So, beware of SEO agencies without any positive reviews, or worse yet, a ton of negative feedback.

As you look at their reviews, watch for statements applauding their quality service and outstanding results. You need a company that will pull out all the stops to promote your law firm while proving easy to work with every step of the way. By searching for that winning combination, you get an SEO journey that feels wholly rewarding and provides an excellent return on investment.

Long Track Record of Success

The best SEO agencies have a long track record of success in promoting their clients’ brands. You should be able to research any of their clients to see their efforts in action.

Their clients’ websites should rank for the leading industry keywords, including local phrases, plus provide a memorable user experience on every page. As you analyze their efforts, put yourself in their customers’ shoes and see how well their sites work for you.

Don’t stop there either. Directly ask the agency about their successes to see what they have to say. They should easily provide a list of their wins and where they excel most. If pressed, they should even point to potential areas of improvement and provide insights on how they plan to overcome the challenges soon.

Creation of Their Own Marketing Materials

Search engine optimization agencies have to use all their own tactics to drive customers their way as well. So, take a good look at how well their site ranks for common industry terms and read their meta descriptions on the search results pages. Also, look at their Google My Business profile to learn about their company while seeing smart SEO in action.

Then, go to their website and read their content. Does it answer all your questions? Do you feel well-supported and understand what they can do for you? Is the content easy to read, well-organized, and engaging enough to keep you on the page?

If the answer is yes to all those questions, then the agency likely has what it takes to help your law firm rise to the top of the search results pages. Want to go one step further in this research? Just ask them what tactics they use to promote their own site and if and how they would use them to promote yours as well.

Ready to Hire A Legal SEO Agency to Handle Your Law Marketing?

Now that you know what to look for in an experienced SEO agency, you can start searching for your perfect marketing partner. To do so effectively, look for law marketing agencies that seem to have the right level of experience, and then request a quote from each one. You can then ask them more questions about their track record of success and zero in on the right marketing firm for your needs.

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