Facts About Tractor Trailer Truck Accidents

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Crashes involving tractor trailers tend to produce very serious damage to property as well as devastating personal injuries. Given their massive size and weight, these vehicles are known to take a serious toll on anyone or anything in their path with passenger cars often experiencing the brunt of the destruction.

While commercial trucking collisions happen less frequently than crashes involving passenger cars, they are responsible for a great deal of the serious injuries and deaths on the roads. Those who suffer harm in such events routinely face crippling medical expenses, and many are never fully able to return to their prior employment. If you are involved in an accident you will need to seek legal advice, contact a tractor trailer accident lawyer as soon as is possible.

Here are some tips to help you avoid an accident.

Leaving A Safe Distance

It is not uncommon to spot the remnants of blown tires while on the roadways, and though highway authorities do their best to eliminate this kind of debris as quickly as they can, blowouts of tractor trailer tires can leave a wake of devastation in their paths. As such, it is never wise to follow heavy trucks closely while traveling, because doing so just boosts the risk of a serious accident event if the operator of the tractor trailer has a blowout. If you are too close, you simply may not have an opportunity to move out of the way in time to avoid a collision with the debris. Tractor trailers may require as much as a stretch of 300 feet before they are able to reach a full stop, so always make sure you leave sufficient distance between your vehicle and a tractor trailer, whether you are in front or in back of one.

Awareness Of Wind Speed

Wind gusts are notorious for forcing tractor trailer trucks to leave their lanes. If you are driving during a high-wind situation, remember to give heavy trucks a wide berth. Be very cautious when it comes to passing these trucks and do not drive alongside them for very long.

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Be Cognizant Of Blind Spots

Blind spots are the zones at the sides of tractor trailer trucks in which drivers cannot see what surrounds the vehicle. If you happen to be in a truck driver’s blind spot, you may end up being run right off the side of the road should the truck attempt a lane change. If you need to pass a truck, do not do so until the vehicle in front of you has fully cleared the front of the tractor trailer truck. Now, you may move alongside and pass the truck, taking care not to stay at its side for an extended period. This is because the truck driver might need to make a quick lane change to steer clear of road debris or other dangerous conditions.

Safe Passing

Whenever you attempt to pass a tractor trailer truck, always do it to the left side of the vehicle. It is unsafe to pass on the right of the truck because it is basically one giant blind spot. Also, when passing, do not stay next to the truck any longer than is necessary to complete your passing maneuver.

Pulling Off The Road

Stopping alongside a busy road or freeway is something that should only be done under emergency circumstances. If such a stop is necessary, make certain that your vehicle is completely off of the roadway and clear of danger. When even a portion of the car remains sticking out into the path of vehicles, it is possible that a collision will occur.

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Make certain to keep your hazard lights engaged in such a scenario and if you have reflective triangles or flares available, make use of them as well. This way, oncoming drivers will notice the vehicle and avoid it. If you are pulled over on a narrow shoulder, stand well clear of the vehicle.

Defensive driving techniques are extremely helpful in avoiding tractor trailer truck accidents. Do not make moves based on what you assume another motorist will do. Steer clear of engaging in distracting behavior behind the wheel, including eating, texting or anything else of the sort.

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