Four Dallas County Criminal Prosecutors Named to Prestigious J.L. Turner Legal Association Board

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DALLAS, TX—The Dallas County Criminal District Attorney’s office is so proud and excited to announce that four of our Assistant District Attorney’s have been named to the J.L. Turner Legal Association Board. The Dallas County District Attorneys named as Board members: Marissa Hatchett is the President, Amber Hamilton Gregg is the Vice-President, Cortney Parker is the Treasurer, Chief Lauren Black is a Director.

The J.L. Turner Legal Association is the African-American Bar Association in Dallas and was founded in 1952. The organization’s mission is “to improve the quality of life in our community through education, service and scholarship.” The members of J.L. Turner provide scholarships to law students demonstrating financial or other needs, provide attorney mentors for law students, perform educational and other community outreach projects for North Texas area residents, and assist members and the community to become more aware of African-American attorneys who practice in various areas of the law.

The Association held Board elections last week.

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