20 Tips to Get Your Law Firm on Page 1 of Google in 2019

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In order to rank on page 1 of Google for your law firm, it is important to be educated on what Google looks for in 2019 and what factors will positively impact your rankings on Google.

Here’s how to get started

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Tip 1: Go to Google search console and check out which keywords you are ranking for and which keywords are getting the most traffic.

Tip 2: Go to Ubersuggest.com and look for longer-tailed keywords and see which ones are relevant to your practice. Then rewrite the content to include some of those words. In 30 to 60 days you will also start ranking for those keywords. Expand your content to include long-tailed content. Put them in the Title Tag and Meta Description.

Tip 3: Link out to other resources and people within your content and then send an email to those people and let you know you did that. In some cases, other people will reciprocate by sharing your article since they were mentioned in it or link back to you in the future.

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Law firm SEO in 2019: What Works and What Doesn’t.

Tip 4: Create a new unique spin and make it fresh instead of writing content that is already out there. Google loves quality content, and people are craving new information.

Tip 5: Build a brand, not just a law practice. Clients are more likely to trust you if they feel like they know you. Building a brand means being consistent with your fonts, messaging, colors and logos. It also means that your potential clients must see you everywhere. Let’s say they go to your website, then they see your display ad on another website because they got re-targeted and, ultimately, they start seeing your ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Tip 6: Use a link-building tool called AHREFS. Link-building is difficult now. This tool tells you everyone who links to your competition. Put in your top three competitors and see who is linking to your competitors but not to you. This allows you to see who may be receptive to link back to you as well.

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Tip 7: Make sure your website loads quickly. Use the Google page speed tool to determine what needs to be fixed.

Tip 8: Answer voice search questions that people type in to with short responses.

Tip 9: Make sure your site is https. This is especially important if you are accepting documents via your website as this gives your website an extra layer of security. Furthermore, it also impacts your search engine ranking if you don’t have one.

Tip 10: Update old content once a year (especially best performing content).

How to own the first page of Google for your law firm

Tip 11: Interlink your content and have multiple pages (five to seven) that cover the same topic.

Tip 12: Do not duplicate your content. It creates a bad user experience and you will be penalized.

Tip 13: Build links to your website as well as every blog post.

Tip 14: Promote your blog articles on social networks for social promotion multiple times over a couple of weeks.

Tip 15: Update your best performing pieces of content one or two times a year to give it a boost.

Tip 16: Use Google Search Console to A/B test your title tags. Make your title tags more appealing by using action words or catchy titles. Get your inspiration from magazines.

Tip 17: Build a brand by using Google Trends. Have people see your site and content multiple times (the Rule of 7). Use the one-click subscribe feature, which makes it super easy for your website visitors to subscribe to your list without having to fill out a form.

Tip 18: Focus on writing quality content instead of quantity. You can also repurpose your blog posts as YouTube videos.

Tip 19: Take the omnichannel approach, which will be popular in 2019. There are many ways your potential clients can consume your content: via a podcast or talk show, Facebook live-streaming, Instagram, LinkedIn, guest posts, blog posts, etc. Make sure you make your website is compatible for voice search, as that will be important.

Tip 20: Link out to other people/ websites and cite your sources to share your content on all of your profiles. Respond to all comments from all social networks and your blogs. In a social media algorithm, it is important to realize that engaging with a comment on social media will get your content to be shown to more people. Dimple Dang

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