Grassroots Efforts for NC Commission of Law and Justice

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The NCBA is asking attorneys for help this summer with a grassroots effort to get input for the NC Commission on the Administration of Law and Justice. The commission process we are going through is not about the lawyers, it is an effort to ensure that North Carolina courts can best meet 21st century legal needs and the expectations of the public, striving to provide justice for all.

“Right now, we are forward facing to get the lawyers in the local communities to be building a base, a grass roots effort to include the public,” said NCBA President Shelby Duff y Benton at a WCBA lunch.

“Once we know the dates, times and locations of the town hall meetings that are to be in August 2016, we will move forward with notifying the NCBA members in those communities and encourage them to ask business leaders to join us at the town halls. We will engage the Bar, the business community and the public through contact with local Chambers of Commerce, Civic Clubs, infinity Bars, local Bars,” said Benton. “The NCBA will be working through our website, print and social media markets as well. I am sure the current website will be used to push out information too.”

The commission is hoping for opinions on everything from, “courthouse services to raising the juvenile age from 16 to 18 to merit selection of judges to civil case management and many other significant issues,” said Benton.

“A commission can create the greatest report in the world and have the most innovative ideas but if you don’t get buy in from the community, not just the lawyers, the innovation will not occur. We need to provide the information to all North Carolina citizens and engage them in the discussion to ensure that all thoughts and ideas are considered. Please be willing to get involved. Th is is your justice system. You can contact the NCBA at [email protected] to let us know you are willing to be involved and we will put you to work.

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