Guide to Estate Planning During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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The coronavirus has spread worldwide, affecting people in almost every country. As governments try their best to cope with the pandemic, most of us are sheltering at home and fighting anxiety. While most afflicted with COVID-19 experience minor symptoms, some are faced with severe symptoms requiring hospitalization. In normal circumstances, hospitalization for an illness can be scary, at present, it is even worse.

Having a sound estate plan in place is one thing you can control to alleviate some of the stress on your mind. So for those of us stuck at home with nothing to do, now may be the time to draft a plan so it is in place should we need it.

Documents Required for An Estate Plan

If you are over the age of 19, you can consider estate planning. This does not only involve getting a will but also includes crucial files like revocable depend, healthcare powers of attorney, monetary powers of lawyer etc. All of these files are essential and plays a vital role in the planning. In the case of current COVID-19 outbreak, it is necessary to have all of these critical files. Furthermore, you need someone to make decisions for you in the current situation. After making sure that you have all of these files in your possession, it is time for estate planning. You also need to make sure to hire a reasonable probate attorney.

What is Estate Planning?

An estate plan includes financial power of attorney, Testament and last will, living will, and healthcare power of attorney. Anyone, as we discussed above over the age of 18, can have a healthcare power of attorney, living will, and financial power of attorney. If you are a nurse or a doctor fighting on the front line against coronavirus, then you should consider having an estate plan. You should get these files as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if you are infected with the virus and currently hospitalized. Then, you may require a ventilator and, in such case, you are in the condition to make decisions. Furthermore, you need a financial power of attorney, to allow a family member to pay the bills, take care of your things, and perform banking for you. If you are on a ventilator, then you will also need a healthcare power of attorney. It is essential as a persona on a ventilator is not in the condition to make healthcare decisions.

Furthermore, it allows you to choose a person who can speak with nurses and doctors, make determinations, and collect information. You do not need this document when you are on the last stage of a medical condition. So, do not get confused, it is a document that you need to let someone act of your behalf.

Furthermore, if you are infected in coronavirus but staying at home, if the symptoms are mild, then you do not need to admit in the hospital. In this case, you only need the financial power of attorney. So, you can allow someone to make business decisions as you are in self-quarantine. The person can perform all daily activities for you.

Online Estate Planning Service

You can also choose an online estate planning service. However, in the case of online services, it is essential to know all the laws in your estate. Any little error in the documents can cause problems for you. So, it is not recommended to experiment, instead hire a professional attorney who knows all the laws to get all the documents for you.

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