How to Choose Lawyer for a Traffic Accident?

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It is common practice for insurance companies to recommend the services of a Federal Defense Attorney Service to it for the defense of their interests, although it is preferable that they designate one of their trust that looks after their interests. I will try to explain to you, in addition, all the interests that move in traffic accident matters.

Can the insurance company impose a lawyer?

We must start from the basis that “any person shall have the right to freely choose the Attorney to represent and defend him in any kind of procedure” as established in the Insurance Contract Law. The rule makes it clear that they in no way have to accept the taxation of the insurance company if, for any reason, they prefer to appoint a lawyer they trust.

Who will pay the services of the lawyer they designate?

Generally, when they hire the vehicle insurance, the company offers, among its many guarantees, a coverage called defense or legal protection. This guarantee allows them to demand from their insurer the expenses that their lawyers can invoice for their services that have defended their interests.

Always keep in mind that the legal defense, such as Federal Defense Attorney Service Los Angeles, will have compensation limits, the amount of which will be reflected in the particular conditions of the policy.

What advantages does the services of an independent lawyer offer?

  • The independent lawyer’s fees depend on the amount claimed, which will devote more time and resources to your case, in order to obtain the maximum possible compensation.
  • The client of the independent lawyer is the victim of the traffic accident, not the insurance company.
  • For the independent lawyer, the quality of his service and the full satisfaction of his client is fundamental, since in this way the client will return to the services of the firm and recommend his services to other people.

Where to do rehabilitation after a traffic accident?

There is what is known as the health care agreement, which is essentially an agreement that the insurance companies made with hospitals and health centers. The agreement agreed, among other issues, the prices that the medical centers promised to charge.

It turns out that since they have agreed to ridiculous prices, with some centers, our insurance (which is the one who pays the costs of healing) will invite us with more or less insistence to go to an affectionate health center, alleging any reason and restricting our right to decide where to do rehabilitation after a traffic accident.

What to do in these cases?

My advice is to have two very clear ideas from the first moment:

The rehabilitation center that best suits the injured is the one that least interests the insurance, so do not be persuaded and go to the one who gives them the most guarantees. In case you live in California, we recommend Federal Defense Attorney Service California to you.

And the second advice is to take the initiative. Think that fifteen days after the traffic accident, the rehabilitation center must request authorization from your insurance and everything will be more complicated, so do not wait until that period has elapsed.

It is important to choose an office that has the infrastructure to carry out all the necessary procedures, both sanitary and legal, so that you have a legal defense and well-being according to your needs.

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