How Effective is Your Current Law Firm Marketing Strategy?

Marketing Strategy
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Often law firms as well as other business owners become complacent with their marketing strategy. Let’s explore why this happens and what you can do to prevent it.

The Root of Complacency

Why do law firms become complacent in their marketing strategy? The most obvious reason is time. The busy schedule of a successful lawyer does not always allow time for handling business matters such as marketing.

While marketing is a priority, it can often get pushed to the backburner as more pressing issues come up. Clients should be the first priority; happy clients are the key to referrals in any business. It is important to remember that one should not get so busy working in their business that they forgot to work on their business.

In order to ensure that you are building a sustainable law firm practice, it is important to make time to evaluate your current marketing strategy and determine what is working best and what is not.

How to Accurately Determine the Best Marketing Strategies

Tracking is essential to any marketing campaign. Consider how your current marketing is being tracked. Do you have a tracking phone number? Do you see your firm’s website ranking on page one of Google for multiple keywords?

Davis Miles Referral

Do you know what part of your marketing efforts are generating the most quality cases? Do you know what part of your marketing efforts are nurturing your bread and butter cases?

Here are some tips to effectively track your marketing:

  • Get a tracking phone number for your website.
  • Install Google Analytics to your websites.
  • Ask your marketing rep for detailed reporting and/or screenshots of your rankings.

Remember, clicks do not equate to anything if you cannot tie them back to billable hours or a specific case.

How to Save Money & Get the Best ROI

Just because something worked 10 years ago does not mean it works now. Many times, I meet with law firms who have continued to blindly do the exact same marketing that they did 10 years ago with diminishing results or virtually no system in place to effectively track the results.

Lex Reception

Here are some examples of old marketing tricks that many lawyers are still using with limited success.

Online Directories. Some law firms are continuing to pay high fees year after year for online directories with no evidence that the money is yielding any clients.

Website Maintenance. Some lawyers are stuck in this cycle of paying month after month, year after year for a website they don’t even own. It is common for many large law firm marketing vendors to charge lawyers upwards of $1,000 a month just to maintain a simple seven- to 10-page website.

Another important factor to consider in this situation is access. Anytime you have a new website built — following completion and launch — ask the Web designer for admin access. This will allow you or someone you designate to make website changes on your behalf, if needed.

Redirecting Marketing Funds

Take a moment and do the math. If you are investing over $1,000 a month just to maintain a website, could that money go toward getting higher rankings on Google or perhaps strategically written blog posts that will rank high on search engines? Is there an old marketing strategy that’s draining your marketing budget without generating results?

You need to have a clear understanding of what your vendor is providing for your fee. In addition to providing upkeep on your website, what other services are they rendering for you? Look at the services provided in your package and evaluate how they are helping you to achieve your business goals.

Effective Blogging

Simply having a firm post generic content on your blog is not sufficient; in order to maximize the impact of your blog content marketing strategy, it needs to be done intentionally as well as strategically.

Being intentional and strategic about your blog marketing strategy means identifying which cities, suburbs you want to attract clients from and for which specific types of cases you want to attract them for. By first getting a clear understanding of what types of cases are the most important for your firm to generate and in which geographic areas, you can devise a more targeted approach.

Let’s assume that you want to get more auto accident cases coming into your firm, then it makes sense to write content about topics related to auto accidents and get them to rank high for all of the cities and suburbs that your firm services.

Review and Repeat

It is a good idea to evaluate your overall law firm marketing plan at least once a year, however, because technology changes so quickly nowadays, I actually recommend doing it twice a year.

You may be pleasantly surprised how making a few key adjustments in your marketing can yield a much better return on your investment. Dimple Dang

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