How Preparation, Legal Consulting, and Mediation Can Help With Your Divorce

How Preparation, Legal Consulting, and Mediation Can Help With Your Divorce

A healthy marriage is great for a couples’ mental and physical health, as well as their children. Unfortunately, as much as 50% of married couples in the U.S. will divorce. And the divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher. 

According to Business Insider, due to unexpected expenses and lack of research, the average U.S. divorce costs $15,000

Thankfully, there are ways to go through a divorce without ruining your bank account — especially if you’re reaching out to the right people. 

So what can be done to lower your divorce costs? Here are some helpful tips for moving past your divorce without taking a serious financial hit: 

  • Work with a divorce mediator — The cost of divorce mediation is generally between 40% to 60% lower than divorce litigation. Credible mediators will help you resolve your marital issues in less time, with less animosity, and for less money. 


  • Consult with skilled attorneys — If at all possible, avoiding a trial can certainly help you keep your divorce costs down. In some instances, however, a trial is unavoidable. That’s where experienced divorce lawyers come into play. It’s imperative to work with a skilled and fair lawyer who can help you every step of the way and put this difficult situation behind you. It’s important to note, however, that there are plenty of legitimate attorneys who have younger associates that are very capable. So try and see if you can get a younger associate to handle your case for a much more reasonable price. 


  • Plan ahead — It sounds obvious, but far too many people actually prepare for the future while their world is turning upside-down. If you’re aware that your marriage is ending, you need to start planning for what’s next. Moving out, securing a new place to live, and purchasing basic necessities could cost a significant amount of money and ruin you financially if you’re not prepared. Talk to your attorney or mediator beforehand and ask for their advice — they should be able to at least offer you tips to plan for your financial future. 

Divorce is tough… for everyone involved. But if you are planning ahead, taking it one step at a time, and work with legitimate attorneys, associates, and mediators, you should be able to move on with your life and not sacrifice your bank account.

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