How to Succeed as a Student Lawyer

Student Lawyer
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Law school is one of the most difficult challenges one can face, with attrition rates recently reaching as high as 25.3%. There’s a misconception that law school can be passed simply by showing up to class and putting in enough effort to complete an assignment. Perhaps this is how some students went through their undergraduate career, but the graduate collegiate experience is a whole different beast. With law school recently expanding into online courses and degrees, it’s important to analyze what makes a student successful.

Make It Easier

There’s no reason to go through the same tired hints that every student has heard – frankly, if you don’t know by the time you’ve reached law school that you need to pay attention, review, and take notes, it might be too late. But one thing that students often make the mistake of is absorbing the study material in the method that it was given to them. Students have completely different learning styles, with some preferring visuals, some preferring interactive, some audio lectures, and many a combination of the three. Consider ways that you can make your study material easier to digest in your own style.

Live Frugally

It’s worth mentioning up front that students often are forced to live more than a bit frugally. That said, do what you can to cut down on outside distractions – nights out, drinks, et cetera – to be able to focus on your studying. Student debt is already quite substantial, so you’ll be thankful that you saved as much money as you can to make dealing with financial aid and loans easier in the long run.

Utilize Your Sources

A problem encountered with students again and again is the unwillingness to use, or an unawareness of the sources being offered. Virtually every university offers writing labs, proofreading/editing aid, and especially office hours. You can also expect a great variety of online sources and aids for a myriad of different subjects and studying tasks. Students often will shut themselves off instead of utilizing the massive amount of resources at their disposal, so make sure you make good use of what’s available to you.

Law school will never be easy, but there will always be ways to make it just a bit easier. Using the proper study methods, making information easier to digest, and cutting away outside distractions are all key to improving your test grades and overall average. Just do your best to make a bit of extra time at the end of every day for yourself to ensure the stress doesn’t get the best of you.

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