How to Get Fast and Real YouTube Subscribers

YouTube subscribers

Having many YouTube subscribers gives you so much social standing. The more YouTube subscribers you have, the more credibility, trust as well as visits you get from your users. Aside from the fact that it brings high traffic to your website, your SEO ranking goes way higher!

Every channel owner must ensure the growth of their channel is consistent and continuous. Here are some verified ways to ensure the growth of your YouTube subscribers;

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Make videos with very high quality.

When people start out on YouTube with their new channel, they are usually advised to upload videos consistently. This is good advice, but of more importance is the quality of those videos and not necessarily the numbers.

It is better advice for video creators to put more effort into producing videos with very high quality than just so many videos with low or no quality.

Focusing on consistency should come much later; the primary focus should first be quality of content and excellence of delivery.

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Funnel viewers to most-watched videos.

This is done by locating the video that has been the most-watched so far. This particular video has the tendency to continually generate more subscribers until there’s a new video that beats its record.

This is a proven method, and there are three ways to achieve this;

  1. Feature the video in your end screen. As soon as a video finishes, make your most converting video the next to be displayed.
  2. Make the most-watched video your channel trailer. This way, your high converting video gets in front of everyone who visits your channel.
  3. Make a playlist on your channel, starting with that particular video.

Engage your viewers and appreciate their responses.

  1. Ask questions that demand responses in your videos and ask your viewers to respond in the comment section.
  2. Respond positively to comments by viewers, whether good or unpleasant. YouTube data has found a distinct correlation between replying to comments and viewers subscribing. This is a low hanging fruit because most YouTubers never reply their commenters.
  3. Heart comments. YouTube launched “hearts” some time back; this allows channel owners to acknowledge and appreciate feedback on their page.

Awesomely, as soon as a heart is given to a comment, the owner gets a notification. This puts you on their good side because everyone likes to be appreciated.

Add compelling CTAs to your videos.

All good marketers know to add compelling Call-to-actions (CTA). Using this skill always goes a long way. There are many easy ways to do this; it doesn’t have to be complicated or above the average technical capabilities.

  1. You could include it in your end screen by subtly inputting a CTA in your video, giving a clear direction of what you expect and want the viewers to do.
  2. Another option is using YouTube cards. They allow you to add more interactivity as your video plays. The case with cards is slightly different anyway, as the viewers need to press the little “I” icon at the right corner of the video to make the cards appear.

Finally and most efficient is buy YouTube subscribers.

The chances are that your organic subscribers will increase by as much as 90% if your subscribers are purchased from credible sources.  Having many subscribers gives your videos higher chances of getting more popular.

Usually, YouTubers have a general fear of buying subscribers as to whether or not their pages would be blocked. This is not true; YouTubers have to ensure that they purchase subscribers from credible sources with past positive feedbacks or reviews.

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