How to Pick the Best DUI Lawyer

How to Pick the Best DUI Lawyer
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Driving under influence (DUI), commonly referred to as ‘drunken driving,’ is a criminal offense that can be categorized into either a misdemeanor or felony; depending on the frequencies that an accused has been convicted of DUI charges. 

In most states, the first or second DUI convictions are considered misdemeanors. Especially when aggravating factors such as having a child as a passenger, accidents, injuries, and deaths were not involved. On the other hand, DUI charges can be elevated to a felony if the accused has been indicted for the same crime more than twice, coupled up with various vexing factors. 

Whether convicted once or more time, hiring a DUI attorney makes a significant difference in pleading your case. Thus, knowing what to look for while picking a DUI lawyer is almost pathologically helpful in pushing your case. 

Unraveled below are pointers that streamline the process of finding a good DUI attorney.

Come up with a list of potential DUI attorneys inspired by meaningful credentials

Today, the internet provides hundreds of DUI attorney options at the most straightforward tap of a screen or the click of a button. Making an immediate decision from a luring webpage is, therefore, easy if you are not good at sloughing off illegitimate attorney ratings. 

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Consequently, you have to be very blunt about the type of attorney you expect by compiling a list inspired by meaningful credentials, that go beyond the heart-felt online client reviews. Of the most important consideration is an extensively tested and proven DUI experience and training.

The most viable source of DUI attorneys includes searchable directories offered by State Bar Associations, The National College of DUI Defense, and The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). 

Meet your potential picks and ask the right questions

The preliminary search for the best attorney to steer your DUI case, guided by iron-clad screening credentials such as experience, ethical records, and licensing, is never enough. As you are bound to commit more than one sin of omission. 

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Consequently, scheduling an interview meeting with your potential picks and getting the gory details is the second secret to landing a good DUI attorney. To make the most out of the interview, come to the meeting prepared with the right questions which cover:


  • The background and experience of the DUI lawyers
  • Assessment of your case, such as which factors work in your favor, what to expect at the different stages of the proceedings, and much more. 
  • Their case management criteria so that there are no misunderstandings on who and how they will manage your case. 


The best fit for you is the fit you can afford

Several factors determine how DUI lawyers charge their fees, such as experience, reputation, and ability to handle the case. Overly, as you weigh your options, you should determine how much money you can afford and willing to spend on your defense. Remember, you can ask for quotes in advance and even negotiate the fees with the attorney if you are convinced the services will come in handy in defending your case.  

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